DJ Quik Hand in Hand
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DJ Quik Hand in Hand for Throwback Thursday

DJ Quik Hand in Hand

After listening to the Rosecrans album by DJ Quik and Problem, it’s confirmed that Quik is one of the greats. DJ Quik has been putting out hits for the last three decades. Many people have argued with me, but I think he’s the dopest producer I’ve ever heard in hip hop. Whether it’s his funky grooves or he can get into some gangsta shit if he wants to also. The album I’ve been listening to lately from DJ Quik is his Rhythm-al-ism joint as it’s just so soulful. The album dropped in late 1998 and it went gold off the back off the featured track, Hand in Hand. You’z A Ganxta was the first single from the album and it was another great track by DJ Quik. Hand in Hand was released about two months before the album dropped and it features 2nd II None and El DeBarge.

Check out my Throwback Thursday track below and give me some feedback about it. Check out Hand in Hand featuring 2nd II None and El DeBarge.


Where are all my DJ Quik fans? What’s your favorite Quik album? What’s your thoughts about this track and his Rhythm-al-ism album? Leave a comment below and if you have any suggestions about a Throwback track, shoot me an email.

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