Lox Released Money Power & Respect
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Lox Released Money Power & Respect 20 Years Ago

Lox Released Money Power & Respect

At one time or another, I picked one of the members of the Lox over the other. There were times that nobody could tell me nothing bad about Sheek Louch. After a while, Styles P was the hardest rapper out and he brought them lyrics also. Then came a time where I was fiending for some new music from Jadakiss, whether it was a mixtape or a verse it didn’t matter. Let’s just say that all three guys bring something different to the table. 20 years ago, today, they released their debut album, Money, Power & Respect on Bad Boy Records. What’s crazy is that they almost signed to Death Row Records before that went down. If you’re familiar with hip hop history, then you know how much Death Row and Bad Boy hated each other. Just imagine Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss on Death Row?

Despite being a hardcore group, Puffy had their first single with the shiny suits on. One thing that I remember was seeing the Lox in those suits singing to the If You Think I’m Jiggy. My first reaction was that they looked out of place and not too comfortable doing it. The single was released a week before the album dropped and it was a success, plus it made us eager for the album. When the album was released, the title track grabbed everyone’s attention. Money, Power & Respect featured Lil Kim and DMX, who was becoming on of my favorite rappers. Check out the video below!

The Lox dropped their second album, We Are the Streets two years later on Ruff Ryders. After the album was released, many people wanted to hear them by themselves after that. Since they were in so much demand, they didn’t release another group album for another 13 years. Jadakiss has released 5 studio albums, which include a collabo album with Fabolous late last year. He’s been featured countless times on other people’s projects, plus several mixtapes. Jadakiss is viewed as one of the coldest lyricists ever. Styles P and Sheek Louch also released several solo projects, appeared on different projects and released mixtapes over the years. They formed D-Block Records and released most of their project through their own imprint. The Lox released an album in December of 2016 called Filthy America………It’s Beautiful.  Either way, go check out the debut album from the Lox and enjoy this classic.

Do you have the Money, Power & Respect album in your collection? What’s your favorite track from the album? Leave a comment below related to the Lox or Jadakiss, Styles P or Sheek Louch.

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