Sasha Renee My City
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Sasha Renee My City from Upcoming EP

Sasha Renee My City

Sasha Renee and producer Young Wop release the first single from the up and coming collaborative EP. Young Wop, also known as W.O.P. is producing the entire 8 to 10 track project. According to Sasha, My City is a piece for self motivation. It’s both a reminder to celebrate her current successes and to remember the bigger picture for why she continues to create. Her voice and flow coupled with the sounds from producer Young Wop make for a light-hearted kind of hip-hop.The single is also available to buy or stream on Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and all major digital distributors.

About the artist:

Sasha Renee is a playful lyricist. The Louisville, Kentucky female emcee is 26 years old and has been releasing music since 2010. Her music is a balance between hip-hop/rap and neo-soul. She is noted for her lyricism, storytelling, and moving from piercing raps to mellifluous singing.

My Conclusion:

I’ve bragged about Sasha Renee for a few years now as she never disappoints. This new track, My City is no different as she shows you that the flow is still crazy and she’s hungry. Can’t wait for her to drop her new EP as I expect nothing but heat. Check out the video above and follow her online through the links below.


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