3 Family Building Hobbies

3 Family Building Hobbies Means No More Alone Time

3 Family Building Hobbies

The old saying, “Time spent together is time well spent” probably isn’t referring to plopping on the couch and watching Netflix while each family member plays on their devices. Sometimes we forget to interact with each other, which is why engaging in fun, new hobbies for mom, dad and kids is an important part of the family dynamic. Finding activities that everyone enjoys is a fantastic way to build relationships, strengthen bonds and release stress. Does your family have a favorite past time? Try something fun and unusual — try these hobbies on for size.

Homebrewing for the Whole Family

The lost art of beverage making is an effective way to get kids started with a hobby. In the old days, soda fountains were a fabric of life — a place where people socialized over bubbly beverages. It was considered a wholesome activity in the early 1900s and was a viable alternative to saddling up at the bar. Today, you can make your own carbonated soda with home recipes or buy kits. Homebrewing sites say you can make it without a kegging system. You can buy extracts made with cherry, root beer, grape, sarsaparilla, cream soda, ginger and more. It’s certainly more entertaining than buying a six-pack of Coca-Cola from the grocery store. Consider it a science experiment for the kids!


Speaking of six packs and science, dads might get a kick out of brewing their own beer that they can bust out for BBQs and special occasions. The fine art of homebrewing is a hobby that’s becoming more popular among cool dads. This, of course, doesn’t mean giving up their “dad beers” of Coors, Corona, and Bud. But it is a way to step up their beer-drinking game. For super crafty men, creating a durable, waterproof label is a key part of the homebrewing process. Friends and family will not only be impressed with your beer making skills, but with your creativity and finishing touches on your product. Are you already dreaming about what you’d call your craft beer?

Finding Hidden Treasures Together – Metal Detecting

This video of kids finding a “real treasure chest” at a local playground is pretty hilarious and may make you want to take up metal detecting as a hobby for the family. Whether prospecting for gold or unearthing coins, metal detecting is sure to capture kids’ attention and imagination for hours. Plus, it gets you and them outside, moving around, and enjoying each other’s company. Digging in the dirt to find treasures isn’t for everyone, but you might be amazed what you can find under your feet. The fine art of metal detecting even has its own show. Detectorists is a British sitcom set in the small fictional town of Danebury in northern Essex. The plot revolves around the lives and detecting ambitions of Andy and Lance, members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club.

Getting Active with Triathlon

On a more active level, why not try a sport that gets everyone outside? Triathlon doesn’t have to be an individual sport. It can be a family affair. Often, triathlon starts out with a dad or mom undertaking hours of training for it — a solo, endurance event that consists of swimming, biking and running. It can be isolating for other members of the family because it means less time they get to spend together. It’s a hard sport to spectate, too.


The good news is kids are becoming a vital part of one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Mini triathlons are a terrific way for children to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that focuses on regular exercise and good nutrition. It’s not something to sign up for on a whim and compete the next day. Parental involvement and guidance is mandatory, especially if open-water swimming and a wetsuit are involved. There are even triathlon relays that families can participate in a way to ease into the sport with each person taking one leg of the three-part race.


There are a million ways families can spend quality time together over the course of a lifetime. It reminds us how much fun we can have if we put in the time and effort, even if everyone has different ideas of what constitutes a good hobby.

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