Ornamental Plants
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3 Methods When Creating Interest Using Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants

If your garden is a bit plain and you are looking for fast and effortless ways to cheer things up, just read on. Below are a few suggestions to help you to choose ornamental plants that you can use in creative ways in your family gardens. Often, just planting one or two is enough to really transform a space. Here are a few suggestions.

Ornamental trees

You could go out and buy a Crape Myrtle from The Tree Center or another firm that delivers to your area. These stunning ornamental trees are a fast way to make a significant difference.

There are several varieties available, so ask the nursery you are buying from for advice. They will tell you which ones will grow the best in your area.

You can buy red, white, pink and pink varieties that grow to various heights. If you have a low wooden fence and want to create a bit more privacy, a row of Myrtle trees is a great solution. It is a lot faster and easier than taking down your old fence, digging deeper holes for the new posts and installing taller fence panels.

These colorful trees will only take about 15 minutes each, to plant. In no time, they will grow tall enough to create a beautiful screen just above the original fence height. Usually, your neighbor will like them too. Just be sure to leave enough space between the trees and the fence, so it can be maintained. This approach will also stop your neighbor from having to clear up a lot of petals when the flowers drop.

You can also plant this type of tree to create a focal point. If you plant them at the end of your garden it will draw your eye, which can help a small garden to look bigger than it actually is.

Ornament fruits

If you like plants that produce food as well as look great, there are plenty of options. You could buy a variety of fruit tree that is has been bred to produce lots of blossom. Or, plant some shrubs that also produce fruit.

Before buying this type of plant, you need to do a bit of research and choose wisely. Some ornamental fruit trees do not actually produce any fruit. At least not anything that is nice to eat. Others require a lot of care. You can learn a lot about the various kinds of ornamental trees that are available by clicking this link.

Planting the right kind is a wonderful way to get the kids to eat more fruit, especially if you let them help you to choose and plant one. The pleasant thing about fruit trees is that most of them do not get too big. This means that potentially you can plant one for each of your children.

Climbing plants

If you have a small garden, you can still create plenty of interest using climbing plants. They take a bit of maintenance, but usually you only must cut them back once a year and clear up the leaves and flowers each fall.

Hopefully, the above has inspired you to use ornamental plants in your garden. Most are very good for wildlife and insects, so they really are worth planting.

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