Celebrating Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day- 4 Ways to Make This Day Special!

Celebrating Valentine's Day

The Valentine Day is fast approaching, and all are making exciting plans to celebrate this very special day with their most loved ones. Is the say applicable for dads? Even though may out there are not so keen about it, what you should know is that Valentine Day is not dedicated to lovers or couples, but it is meant for everyone who loves their people around and being loved by them.

Celebrating a family

The culture tells us what Valentine’s Day means to us regarding romantic love and affection towards the very special someone. However, the little ones at home are not so keen on this aspect of it; they want a perfect holiday time with a lot of fun and something to remember with family. As a responsible dad, you can plan for it.

1. A jar is full of sweet words

Just repurpose an old jar which may have once held a sweet jam to a jar of sweet words for your family. You can try making a theme for the jar as like “25 reasons why I love you my little stars”. or ‘10 reasons why you are so special to me” etc. Those little love notes can surely have a great positive impact, and you can see this magic working out well over a long time. Even though this gift is presented on Valentine’s Day as you send flowers for valentine, these little words of affirmation will last as long as they hold on to this precious gift.

2. Make a box of memories

You can plan and upcycle an old shoe carton into a family memory box. You can encourage all in the family to write some of their most exciting or emotional memory about the time together with others in the family. Simply encourage all to contribute any memorabilia.  Even the children at their preschool age can contribute their memories. Spend time on Valentine’s Day by going through this box of memories and discussing these best times you’d once gone through. This is not just a Valentine’s Day activity, but you can keep this box of memories forever to open up once in a while.

3. Make it a scrapbook day

You can also think of starting a fresh family tradition centering around the photographs from the previous year. May it be your family picture archives or the basic photo albums to professional quality event photography, it is essential to take time and stay up to date on preserving all these family memories. There is no better activity on your Valentine holiday to look back on what the family had gone through regarding love and care for each other through the foregone year.

4. Plant a seed

Every event and every occasion is made eco-friendly now, and you can also try and nurture this habit in your kids by making them plant a seed. It can be a flowering plant of a tree, but make them responsible for taking good care of it as their Valentine tree, water it properly, and nurture it to its natural growth.


With all these, you can take the initiative to let your children know that Valentine Day is all about expressing gratitude, caring for all around, and to revisit all the good things we have in life and sharing it with others.

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