Upgrade Your Car

Why 2018 Might Be The Right Year to Upgrade Your Car

If you have been fixing up your old motor forever, and it keeps on letting you down, it might be time for a change. With improved deals and models coming out this year, you might want to look around for finance and take advantage of dealers’ extended warranty, so you can spend more time enjoying your ride and less fixing it. Below you will find a few reasons why it might be time to say goodbye to your old banger and get an upgrade.


Upgrade Your Car

Running a successful business in 2018 is impossible with an unreliable car. Unfortunately, most of the potential partners and customers you meet will judge you by the car you drive. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on rental vehicles, you might put the money aside and save up for a deposit to get an estate that represents your success. From SUV-s such as the Subaru Forester to large estate cars, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Added Security Features

Upgrade Your Car

If you regularly travel for business, you might want a car that delivers driver convenience and security at the same time. You can get a better value if you change your car before the new model comes out, especially if the main features of the model are unchanged. Car manufacturers and dealers often drop their prices for this year’s model as soon as the next year’s specifications are released.

Cheaper to Run Cars

If your old car is gobbling up gas faster than you can fill it up, it might be time for an upgrade, too. You can reduce your business expenses and enjoy a higher level of comfort if you upgrade. In case you spent hours and hundreds of dollars to fix your car last year, it is a no-brainer decision. Instead of filling the gaps, you can take out a short-term finance and save money long term on tax and fuel.

Trade in Deals

There are several dealerships around Australia offering trade ins and scrappage schemes, making it worthwhile to say goodbye to your old car. You can secure a discount and dispose of your car safely and in an environment-friendly way, driving away in a shiny new motor that will get you there faster, safer, and smarter.

Government Discounts

The Australian Government currently offers financial incentives for buying electric vehicles, to encourage early adopters to make a decision. You can get better deals on your finance and reduce the cost of your car, travels, and maintenance, as well as your carbon footprint. Taking advantage of these deals is a win-win. You can go further for less, thanks to the recent advancements of electric vehicle technology.


Whether you are looking for more comfort, enhanced security and driver assistance features, the right time to invest in a shiny new car is now. Take advantage of trade in and government schemes, raise your profile, save the polar bears, and cover more miles for less by upgrading your old car this year.


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