5 Ways to Upgrade My Teenage Daughters Room
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5 Ways to Upgrade My Teenage Daughters Room

The time has finally come and we all knew it would get here, but not so quick. My youngest daughter is becoming a teenager in less than a month. For anyone that knows me personally, then you know this one is a hard one to take. With her becoming a young lady, she wanted me to upgrade her room. Now that she wants to redo her room, that means taking away the little girly stuff. She is now into makeup, shiny things and surprisingly things with meaningful messages. For me, that meant that I had to remove everything from her room and put new things in there.

Changing Beds

5 Ways to Upgrade My Teenage Daughters Room

She wanted to get rid of her pink bed and get something a big girl would like. She loves anything with sparkles or shiny, so this was the bed she picked out for herself.

No More Emoji Pillows

5 Ways to Upgrade My Teenage Daughters Room

When the emoji pillows hit, she had to have one. Eventually, she had to get everyone of them for her room. Now that she’s about to turn 13-years-old, she says she’s too old to have those and don’t need them anymore.

Vanity Mirror

5 Ways to Upgrade My Teenage Daughters Room

As we all know, when your daughters start to get older, they worry about their looks. My daughter is no different as she’s obsessed with her looks and doing her hair. She watches YouTube videos do find ways to do her hair and apply the little makeup I allow her to use. This was one of the items she had to have for Christmas.


We all know that teenagers love their electronics. My daughter has her phone and iPad, so she had to get things to charge her items. She wanted a new lamp and her vanity mirror both have USB ports. She need one on her lamp, so she can charge her phone while in bed and one on the vanity to use when she’s in the mirror. One thing I’ll say is that my kids share my love for music as they’re always listening to it.


5 Ways to Upgrade My Teenage Daughters Room

While taking a break from her interior decorating skills, she’s starting to get into inspirational stuff. This pretty much started last year when during test time, my wife and I use to send her inspirational items to motivate her. We got the chance to check out Light Box Arts and she immediately feel in love with them. First of all, she loves lights as she has her vanity mirror with several lights, ceiling fan, lamp and even Christmas lights in her room. The Light Box Arts are small boxes that could be put in any room and you can customize the message inside them. My daughter chose to use Make Today Amazing because this is something we have always told her.


Who else is dealing with upgrading their daughters room? Do you have a child that’s about to enter teenage hood? Leave a comment below and give me some feedback.

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