Telematics Systems

What do Fleet Owners Think about Telematics Systems

Telematics Systems

The latest telematics systems have been a savior to the transport industry, based on the most recent studies. A high number of fleet owners, whose companies have telematics systems in place, have registered their gratification with the performance of these systems. A look at the EyeRide website, one of the makers of an all-in-one telematics system, gives a detailed overview of what this system has to offer.

According to recent studies, fleet companies feel that they cannot dispense with these systems. But two central questions that linger with manufacturers of telematics systems is, why aren’t all fleet management organizations applying this system? Also, what can be done to improve or maintain the current sellout rate of 13% on average?


Based on the findings of C.J. Driscoll & Associates, approximately two-thirds of the interviewed fleet companies use a telematics system. One primary finding from this research was that larger fleets are using telematics systems more, compared to their smaller counterparts.

Economic advantages of telematics

A significant fraction of fleet operations managers attested that they had recouped the cash they had originally invested in the systems. This was discovered in the Driscoll report. However, there is no assured time in which a fleet company can recoup or start seeing profits after installing the telematics systems in their vehicles.

The main conclusion is that recouping expenses incurred, mainly depends on the fleet size and the amenities the vehicles provide.

Hurdles faced when introducing telematic systems

According to the Driscoll survey, 23% fleet operators who had installed telematics systems had faced challenges in synchronizing the system’s installation in their vehicles. Drawbacks in training staff on the use of these systems were reported at 12%, while 6% of fleet operators said that their drivers and other supporting employees at large were not willing to accept the systems.

General approval of fleet tracking and diagnostic systems

The Driscoll report found that 39% of the surveyed management companies were utterly contented with the tracking and diagnostic systems. Most of those were owners that have a lot vehicles in their fleet. 40% were reportedly not very pleased with the systems.

Other developments

Another noticeable trait is that use of video cameras keeping watch of the driver’s behavior on the road is on the rise.

Out of the surveyed fleets, only 19% of those use systems with cameras. More fleets are using cameras, and this is especially true for those in certain sectors such as public transport, trucking, and government departments, to name a few.

Final remarks

Be it a small, medium or largely sized fleet, telematics systems are critical. Apart from helping managers recognize good drivers from those who require more training, it is a good system to keep watch over your fleet and collect important data that can be used to improve all the involved processes. Telematics systems have the capability to improve the safety of your vehicles while boosting financial returns by cutting down on general expenses.

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