Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online
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Do You Know What Your Children Are Doing Online?

It is becoming increasingly harder for parents everywhere to understand what their children are actually doing online, and this is a worry which many parents are feeling. Of course, it goes without saying that you want to be able to control what your children are seeing and doing to a certain degree but being able to do that is harder than you might think. However, it is perfectly possible to have more control over your internet in your home, and that will make sure that your children are safer in the home.

That will mean that you can relax and feel less worried about what they are getting up to or getting into contact with, and you will find that that makes an enormous difference overall as well. Let’s look at what you can do to help this process along and feel safer about your children using the internet in your home.


One of the most important steps, and often the first, is to ensure that you are monitoring what is going on with the web use in your home. Being able to tell whether your children are just doing something innocent like watching Hellsing Ultimate or engaging in worst behavior, is a vital step towards knowing whether you need to worry or not. The only way to do this is to monitor what they are doing, even if you don’t like the thought of that at first. It is simple enough to install a monitor onto the connection in your home and watch what your children are doing – at least to flag up anything dodgy. Then you can work on carrying out whatever other measures you feel are necessary.


It’s not a bad idea to generally restrict the amount of time your children spend on the computer and other devices at all. Not only will this minimize the likelihood of them coming across something unwanted, it will also have many other great benefits too. Overusing technology is something that can get in the way of your child’s mental development, their schoolwork, and much besides, so make sure that you are limiting how much they use the internet and computers in general. This will be most of what you need to do, in fact, to keep your child protected online, and it is easy to do with the right kinds of rules in the home.


For the rest of the time, you should make sure that there is a filter on the internet connections in your house. This will stop most unwanted content getting through, although you can’t always be certain of absolute full protection. That in turn will mean that you can be sure that your children are staying as safe as possible online, and that you will not have to worry so much in the future about what they are saying or doing online. This will ensure a much greater peace of mind for all in the household, and a better future for the kids.

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