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Join The 95K Experience Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA


Join The 95K Experience Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA #ad

Ever since turning the big 40 last year, I’ve begun to take my health as serious as possible. I’ve done so much research to become as healthy as I can and have begun to change my diet. You name it, I’ve probably done something to eliminate unhealthy habits. When we got to restaurants now, I’m actually checking out how many calories I’m putting into my body. At home, the food I cook now is much healthier and we invested in an Air Fryer to cook more food without oil. Despite my earlier criticisms about organic food in the past, it’s a must in my household now. Despite the change in my diet, one thing I love to do and that’s drink beer.

Join The 95K Experience Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA #ad

When it gets warmer, there’s nothing like a cold beer. Last month, I had the luxury of trying out Michelob ULTRA. Michelob ULTRA is a healthy beer and it tastes great. Michelob ULTRA contains only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs per serving. Not only is Michelob ULTRA being a healthy drink, but they’re trying to get their customers to live a healthier lifestyle. They’re offering an amazing experience where you can become healthier. Michelob ULTRA has introduced the Ultra95K experience where you can enter the sweepstakes as many times you want to. You can visit to start staying true to your health and fitness goals. Michelob ULTRA has teamed with organizations like Cross Fit, Class Pass, and one of my favorites, Dollar Sweat Club. By entering the sweepstakes, I’ve earned a free 30-day membership. Below are some great times to enjoy Michelob ULTRA.

Eating Dinner

Join The 95K Experience Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA #ad

When I go to restaurants, your meal isn’t complete without Michelob ULTRA. My dinners usually consist of high protein, low calories and carbs, so Michelob ULTRA is the perfect compliment and it tastes great.

After Workout

Despite having a gym membership, I had the pleasure of turning my downstairs living room into a little gym. All I needed was a treadmill, weights and I can do my workouts at home. Afterwards, Michelob ULTRA is the drink of choice since it has so little carbs and calories.

Watching Sports

I’m a sports fanatic and there’s nothing better to add to it than a nice cold one. With my healthier lifestyle, Michelob ULTRA is always around as it doesn’t hurt my diet by having one while watching sports.

Working on My Computer

Join The 95K Experience Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA #ad

Since I’m a blogger, a lot of my time is spent on the computer. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a Michelob ULTRA while getting those creative juices going. Whether it’s first thing in the morning when I get off or in the evenings, you’ll find me with a Michelob ULTRA.

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