Celebrate 20 Years Since Scarface Dropped My Homies
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Celebrate 20 Years Since Scarface Dropped My Homies

Celebrate 20 Years Since Scarface Dropped My Homies


Scarface is one of my favorite rappers of all-time. Scarface has been in the game damn near 30 years and has put out several classics. In his 25+ years as a solo rapper, he’s released 12 albums and another six with the Geto Boys. Less than a year after releasing his classic album, The Untouchable he released his double album, My Homies. The album featured 2Pac, Master P, UGK, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, Ice Cube, Too Short, Do or Die, Big Mike and many more. Scarface only had two solos tracks off the album and you can say it’s a compilation album he put out. The album went platinum in a month off the strength of the first single, Homies & Thuggs featuring 2Pac and Master P. During that time, it was like a dream collaboration as Master P was on top of his game and Pac is Pac.

The video was crazy as it featured Scarface and Master P throughout, then Pac appeared in a video freestyling his verse. Being that Pac is my all-time favorite, Scarface one of my favorites and P being one of my favorites also, this was awesome! The original track without 2Pac also appeared on the album. The reception was well-received, and his second single was released a couple of weeks before the album. Sex Faces was the single and it featured the legendary Too Short, Devin the Dude and newly-signed Tela. Of course, Sex Faces is the PG-version of the track, which is called Fuck Faces on the album. Once again, the track was a hit and Scarface had another successful album under his belt.


The album featured many other standout tracks on this joint. The Geto, 2 Real, Overnight, Boo Boo’n, Use These Ho’s and many other tracks stood out. Overall this is a dope album, but it isn’t one of the Scarface’s best albums. Still, if you’re a fan of hip hop, Scarface or anything Rap-A-Lot, you should have this album in your collection. If you haven’t heard the album, stream the album here or listen to it below.

What do you think about the album, My Homies? What’s your favorite track off the album? What’s your favorite Scarface album? Leave a comment below.

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