4 Reasons Every Dad Should Consider Purchasing an ATV
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4 Reasons Every Dad Should Consider Purchasing an ATV

The global all-terrain vehicle (ATV) market is expected to grow to $8 billion by 2024, up from $6 billion in 2016. With so many advantages, it’s unsurprising to learn that many male ATV owners in the United States are fathers. If you’re a dad without an ATV, what are you waiting for? These are just some of the reasons you need an all-terrain vehicle in your life.

It’s Great Exercise

4 Reasons Every Dad Should Consider Purchasing an ATV

Most women nag the men in their lives to exercise, complaining that a sedentary life will send them to an early grave. Getting an ATV is a wonderful way to get your significant other off of your back because off-road riding is great exercise. Riding works your heart and builds muscle. And because it’s never boring, riding is one workout activity you can stick to. You owe it to your kids to be around for as long as you can, so let an ATV kickstart your exercise routine.

It’ll Help You Bond with Your Kids

Many ATV owners have fond memories of tearing up the trails with their fathers when they were young. If you had an ATV as a kid, buying your own gives you a chance to continue that legacy. If not, why not start a new tradition with your children? Riding four-wheelers together helps you have fun with your kids and strengthens your bonds.

Note that ATV laws regarding children vary from state to state. Some states say young children cannot ride, while others restrict where they can ride. It’s never advisable for children to ride on your lap, so consider buying an ATV with passenger seats if you want to ride with your kids. Alternatively, get your little ones their own small ATV or electric quad.

It’s Cheaper Than You Think

The perceived price is one of the biggest barriers to ATV ownership for family men. However, owning and maintaining an ATV is probably cheaper than you think. While the most powerful models can be pricey, a brand-new 50cc ATV often costs less than $500. With a small engine and cheap parts, your ATV will cost much less to maintain than a car. You shouldn’t skimp on safety equipment, but these goods should last. Insurance is essential, according to Red Fox Powersports, but you could get a discount if you bundle the policy with your car or homeowners’ insurance.

Riding an ATV Is Great Stress Relief

You love your family, but sometimes the tantrums, the mess, and the responsibilities of life looking after other people can get on top of you. When that happens, it’s amazing to know you can get away from it all on an ATV. Zooming through the woods or doing laps around an open field is an amazing stress relief. After taking some time out on your ATV, you’ll return rejuvenated and better to live with.

Owning an ATV is a relatively affordable way to work out, bond with your children, and escape from the family when you need some R and R. Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming about becoming an ATV owner and took the plunge?

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