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Be A Team Player: Upping Your Weekend Hangout Game

It’s easy to get into certain habits in your free time, especially after a busy week of work and juggling family life. However, if spending time with your friends is a regular part of your weekend plans; it could be time to make the most of it and try something new. You can sit, watch the game, and drink beer at home, so why keep doing it in a bar every Saturday? Obviously, you’re all going to have your favorite spot to grab a beer and catch up with your buddies or colleagues, but wouldn’t it be nice to hang out together and do something new, interesting, or even; competitive. Nothing brings a friendship group closer together than being on the same team, and you’ll have way more to discuss and chat about when you do go to the bar to grab a beer (or two).

It’s time to be the busy dad, and friend that suggests some new weekend plans that will involve the whole group, and be something fun that everyone’s going to look forward to when they’re sat at their desk on Monday. Whether it’s a few random activities to try something you’ve heard about, or you want to make meeting up to partake in an activity (that doesn’t involve sitting) a regular thing; there’s no better time than now. What are you waiting for? It’s time to do a bit of research, and get those suggestions out to the Whatsapp group so that you can start making some plans. The following are some ideas and inspiration for guys who want their Saturday to step up a gear because they’re ready to step out of boring routine in their free time.

Be A Team Player: Upping Your Weekend Hangout Game

High Adrenaline

There’s nothing like getting your blood pumping during an adrenaline-filled activity, and regular exercise is a great example to set your kids. Sometimes, dads need to blow off some steam, and become a kid again, and who better to do that with, than your buddies. Therefore, it’s worth looking into activities that are going to bring the fun back into Saturday afternoon. Be on the lookout for outdoor activities like rock climbing, abseiling, or even a paintball space so that you can let your inner kids really have the best time. The comradery and strength you can build as a team will be well worth getting up and heading somewhere new; you’ll encourage and build each other up, and that adrenaline hit will be something to discuss later in the bar!

Team Sport

Whether basketball, baseball, or football is something that you’ve grown-up together doing; it could be time to take it off the driveway with the hoop, and organize a team together. There will be plenty of games to partake in each weekend, and you can utilize your time together to practice and hang out. Bring the kids along for a day at the park, and the dads can hone their skills together. Being a sports team is the ideal way to get together regularly, and you can take your Saturday from dull to fun in no time.

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