C Murder Releases Life or Death 20 Years Ago Today
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C Murder Releases Life or Death 20 Years Ago Today

C Murder Releases Life or Death 20 Years Ago Today

I’ve mentioned many times how No Limit Records is my second favorite hip hop label of all-time. They put out so many classic albums and you couldn’t get any better than Life or Death. C Murder’s debut album is a straight up classic and one of my all-time favorite albums. Being from the south, it pissed me off when music publications didn’t give Life or Death its proper respect back in the day. Currently C Murder is locked up and hopefully he’ll get a fair shake in things. 20 years ago today, C Murder released his classic, debut album Life or Death. The album featured UGK, the entire No Limit roster and the Beats by the Pound handled the production. The first single of the album featured his brothers, Master P and Silkk the Shocker on the track, A 2nd Chance.

With C Murder featured on other previous No Limit releases, anticipation was high for his album. If you remember when P was dropping albums damn near every week, he knew how to market. On all the No Limit releases, the booklet would contain future albums and the back of the case was the cover of the next album. C-Murder killed his guest appearances, plus on all the TRU albums. Many have called this album the best album No Limit Records ever produced. For me, it’s one of them, if not the best overall album from the Tank. My favorite track from the album features UGK and it’s called Akickdoe!

Feel My Pain, Ghetto Ties, Only the Strong Survive, Life or Death, The Truest Shit, Soldiers and Where I’m From. Show Me Luv, Don’t Play No Games, Picture Me and Watch Yo Enemies are some of my favorite tracks on the album. You should have this album in your collection and stream the album below.

Where are all my C Murder fans? What about No Limit? Do you remember his Life or Death album? What’s your favorite track? Leave a comment below.

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