Some Things Are Better Left to the Professionals
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Some Things Are Better Left to the Professionals

Some Things Are Better Left to the Professionals

The Do-It-Yourself craze is so trendy; there are magazines, blogs, and even a television channel devoted to its allure. Whether it is making your jewelry, crafting the perfect wooden farm table and matching chairs, or just decorating a wedding cake with skills which rival a professional baker; when it comes to a DIY project, there are an endless plethora of experts attempting to guide you through the seemingly effortless process. Manuals, videos, and inspirational how-to tutorials lay out step-by-step instructions to assist you in completing the desired project with ease and success.

So how is it, so many of us end up with a jumbled mess which looks nothing like the anticipated outcome? Where along the path of straightforward steps did we make such a grievous mistake it ruined the entire creative venture?


People identify with and find humor in the gifs and memes which overrun our Facebook feeds, touting our friend’s latest Pinterest fail because we have all experienced such failures. Netflix even launched a new show called, “Nailed It” all about amateur bakers trying to recreate Instagram-worth cake designs and failing miserably while in the process. We can all empathize with the contestants, who set out with the dream of a beautiful cake and end up with the equivalent of a toddler-like drawing, nowhere near the standard they originally anticipated.

Some Things Are Better Left to the Professionals

In some form or fashioned this has happened to us all. Maybe it was not a cake, but perhaps you were fixing a leaking pipe, or you tried to replace a flat tire, and the result was more disastrous than the original problem. Regardless of what the project was, everyone has experienced failure and the inability to perform like a professional.


Failed attempts at birthday party centerpieces or constructing a new outdoor pergola should not deter you from trying new things in the future. However, it should provide you with the insight and understanding that asking for professional help is not a personal weakness. Without the proper training or developed skill set you may end up with more than just a few wayward arts and crafts, you might find yourself injured, your equipment broken, or you may accrue unnecessary expenses and waste valuable time trying to do something outside of your comfort zone.

Be willing to take a step back, evaluate the scope of the project before you get started and then decide if a professional is needed for all or part of the job. There are times when you will discover you can do the task entirely on your own, other times when you may only need some assistance, and still, other moments when you should solely rely on a professional and you should release the desire to try and do-it-yourself.


For example, if you want to put together your own flower arrangements you could certainly hire a florist to do the job for you, but it will likely cost you a pretty penny to do so. Alternatively, with a few supplies, some real or fake flowers, a creative perspective, and some time spent watching YouTube tutorials, you may be able to create the arrangement you were hoping for at a much cheaper cost. Plus, you gain a new skill and get the resounding sense of pride which comes from accomplishing the task most people delegate to professionals.


On the flip side, there are times when having a professional guide, you through a process can be quite helpful. Maybe you would like to landscape the side of your home. It gets partial sun and moderate amounts of rain. You know you want flowers which are easy to tend to and regrow year after year. You could spend hours, researching the right options on the internet, crafting the perfect formula of soil, fertilizer, and vegetation to achieve your dream landscape, and still, after it is all said and done, the plants could die. But you could also mitigate your time and resources and go to a local nursery and ask the experts there for their opinions and advice. You might be surprised at the insights and knowledge you can glean from them without having to hand over the project entirely.


Yet, there are those times when a professional is really the only choice. If your water heater bursts and starts leaking, you should call a plumber and if your engine starts to rattle you will want to consult a mechanic. There are also some less obvious times when a professional is optimal and should be used, like if you are planning to mount a television or install a home theater system or speakers. In this type of scenario, you are dealing with costly equipment which can be easily damaged.

Some Things Are Better Left to the Professionals

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