10 Reasons Every Kid Should Grow Up With Dogs
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10 Reasons Every Kid Should Grow Up With Dogs

10 Reasons Every Kid Should Grow Up With Dogs

A typical and healthy home for a kid, in many people’s eyes, is not complete with out a pet such as a dog. However, although are incredibly great for cuddling and playing with, they have more important roles. When kids grow up with dogs, there are real benefits to their early development, and it could be an amazing parenting tool that helps you deal with anything from eczema to loneliness.

Kids With Dogs Need Less Antibiotics

There are a few huge studies that show when infants grow up around pets in their house, they need fewer antibiotics. This fits in with the view that over-sanitation can actually contribute to childhood illness and sickness. By allowing your child to be exposed to a small volume of bacteria and microbes their immune system can build up quicker and be better equipped for fighting against more serious health threats at a later date.

Kids With Dogs Are Healthier

It’s not just when it comes to antibiotics, kids with dogs are healthier overall. Most families that have pets are less likely to get coughs sore throats and colds. The curious part of this is the fact that the pets that spent less time inside with kids and a lot of time outside were the ones that helped keep the children healthier.

Dogs Can Help Boast Self-Esteem

The love a pet has for its owner is unconditional. After they form a bond with someone, they will stay by that person’s side forever. the great thing for kids is that when that love is manifest, and your child shows it for the dog, it can be the acceptance they need to feel much better about themselves.

Dogs Are Great For Teaching Respect

For parents, as we know you will agree, it can be hard to teach children about responsibility. This is why dogs are so great for kids. As a dad, you could reason with your child, if they want a pet, such as a dog, they will need to do a lot of the work to care for it. They will have to help with feeding, walking and bathing – not just the fun stuff like playing rough or cuddling.

Dogs Can Help teach About Equality And Justice

Kids that grow up with dogs can learn that they should look out for those less able to do things and less fortunate than themselves. As dogs are more than just playthings, and require respect and love, your children will learn that they are not the most important people in the world.

Kids With Dogs Are Better In Social Situations

One thing you need when looking after a pet is the ability to communicate. As animals can’t speak, your kid will need to study their body language to work out what they need. Kids in general that grow up around dogs tend to be more intuitive when it comes to emotions and compassionate. So if you are concerned, as most dads are, that your kid might develop issues or just want to ensure he or she doesn’t, a pet in the shape of a dog is a good investment.

Dogs Can Be Calming For Owners

There have been studies that show people and in particular kids that grow up around dogs are less prone to sicknesses and diseases related to stress. We all know how relaxing it can be to stroke a dog and spend time with them. Even if you are involved in very active play with a dog, it doesn’t feel stressful – just invigorating and fun. Therefore, if you want your kid to have a calmer childhood, it may be time to invest in a dog.

Dogs Encourage Kids To Be More Active

Dogs generally require a lot of attention and most importantly, exercise. Playtime is a crucial part of a dog’s life. Therefore, as a dad, if you are trying to figure out a way to encourage your kid to be more active – investing in a dog is one way. They will be more enthusiastic about getting out and about if they have a furry friend to do it with.

Dogs Are Trained To Be Companions

Dogs have been bred and trained to be companions to humans over many generations. So to many dogs it is a natural thing to be part of a human family. They often have a natural affinity and protectiveness towards children and will therefore not only be a helpful and great companion to you, but your children too.

Plenty Of Photo Opportunities

Like any dad, you probably want to take as many photos as your kids as they grow up so you have memories to look back on when they are older and have flown from the nest. Bringing a dog into the family, opens up a world of photo opportunities because dogs plus kids equals cute and often hilarious snaps. There’s nothing cuter than taking pics with small pups or a big fluffy dog.

This guest post was written by Mike from https://www.poochingaround.co.uk

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