LL Cool J Dropped 14 Shots to the Dome 25 Years Ago
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LL Cool J Dropped 14 Shots to the Dome 25 Years Ago

LL Cool J Dropped 14 Shots to the Dome 25 Years Ago

LL Cool J was one of the reasons that I became a hip-hop head as a youngster. During the summers of 1987 and 1988, my time was spent over my grandma’s house. My uncle was in high school and I thought he was the coolest dude on the planet. When he was gone, which seems like all the time, he let me hang in his room and even wear his gear. In his room, he had a gang of tapes and vinyl records that I used to play all the time. Big Daddy Kane, Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, KRS-One, Heavy D, Kool G. Rap, LL Cool J and a few others were my first favorites. The summer of 1987 was when I was introduced to LL Cool J and it was his 2nd album, Bigger and Deffer.

Bigger and Deffer produced I’m Bad as his first single, but his next one was all-time classic worthy. I Need Love became a huge hit and one of the greatest hip-hop tracks EVER. After his second album, he released the Walking with a Panther album. Walking with a Panther produced more hits like Going Back to Cali, Jingling Baby, I’m That Type a Guy and Big Ole Butt. Many people still didn’t like that album, so he released Mama Said Knock You Out the following year. The Boomin’ System, Around the Way Girl and Mama Said Knock You Out helped that album become critically successful. Two and a half year later, LL Cool J returned with his 14 Shots to the Dome album. With the rise of West Coast Gangsta Rap, many thought LL adopted a more hardcore style for this album.


14 Shots to the Dome is a good album in my opinion. The critics and fans weren’t feeling the album at all and the sales proved that. The previous four albums LL Cool J released all went platinum at least, but this one only went gold. Back Seat, which you can check out after the first paragraph was his second single he released. The beat alone on this track was amazing and was later sampled by Monica as her debut single, Don’t Take It Personal. The track was another banger from LL Cool J and it was played at a lot of our parties back in the day. Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag was another video released and the video is right above here. LL Cool J put out another banger and it will be a part of my personal LL Cool J Greatest Hits I’ll release in the future.

Are you a fan of the Golden Age of Hip Hop? Are you familiar with LL Cool J’s 14 Shots to the Dome? What’s your favorite track on the album? If you haven’t heard the album, stream it above or click on this link. Leave a comment below.

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