What To Do This Weekend: 10 Ideas For Daddy and Me Time
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What To Do This Weekend: 10 Ideas For Daddy and Me Time

What To Do This Weekend: 10 Ideas For Daddy and Me Time

After a busy week, you may not always want to spend your weekends doing anything too crazy or chaotic. Because when you’ve worked really hard, you’ve helped out with homework, and you’ve been driving the kids around from place to place and helping out with school stuff, you kind of just want a break at the weekends. And that’s okay. Because we all deserve to switch off and just enjoy ourselves every now and again. However, it’s not always the best idea to get yourself into the habit of just relaxing and ‘doing nothing’ all weekend.

This can often lead you to feeling quite lethargic, and most of all, miss out on some valuable time with your family. Instead, you’ll find that making the most of your weekends is the best strategy. After all, a weekend well spent leads to a week of content.

So, you’re going to want to make sure that you think about coming up with some plans or ideas that can help you to really enjoy your weekends, spend some time with your family, and relax and unwind in a much different way. The only problem is that you don’t always know what to do! When you’re trying to make some plans, your mind can often go blank. At the same time, if you tend to do the same kinds of things repeatedly, then you’re going to want to find some inspiration of what you can do with the kids this weekend.

Play Some Sports

First of all, we’re going to kick off with something that you’re definitely going to want to do. Because after a long week, playing some sports is always going to be a great release. And if your kids are really into sports too, you’ll find that it’s something that you all look forward to. If you tend to play the same old things, like basketball or soccer, you might also find that mixing things up a little can make this more fun. Let your kids each think of a sport and then rotate your ideas each week.

Watch A Game

For our second sports-related idea, we’re going to go right in with the idea of watching a game or two together. If you have a local team that you love to support, this is a fantastic way for you all to bond. Even if your team is on TV, why not think about knocking up some game day recipes and really making an occasion of it?

Go for A Hike

From here, you might want to think about getting out and into nature. If you like in an area close to woodlands or mountains, heading out to hike for the weekend can be good for you all. You’ll get to be active, and you’ll often feel great after all of that exercise too.

Get Out & Explore

If you don’t live all that close to nature, you can still get out and explore. Even cities have lots of pretty parks that you could take a walk through. You might even want to grab a ball or find a scooter or hoverboard for sale or make it just as active as going out on a hike. You could even grab your bikes and head out on a bit of a bike ride to explore the local area.

Enjoy the Water

Living by the ocean or a big lake will always mean that you have a ton of options for your weekend plans. So why not think about buying a kayak or a canoe and spending a bit more time out on the water as a family? Even if you are far from water, you could make a day trip out of it. There are also specialist centers where you can learn things like water skiing or wakeboarding, which can be a new way to try out sports each weekend.

Go on A Road Trip

And you could always pack up the car and head out to a spot that you’ve always wanted to explore. You might even want to just head in a direction and see where you end up for the weekend. If you all love to do and try new things as a family, going on weekly or monthly road trips could be a lot of fun for you.

Do Some Renovations

Okay so at first, this probably isn’t going to sound exciting at all. But it can be. Maybe you want to transform one of your rooms at home into a place that the kids can enjoy? Or a space that you can enjoy some family time in together? Say you have an unused attic or a basement that’s just collecting dust, then you could transform it into a games room, a home theater, or just an additional family room that you can all relax in. And if your kids are a little older, this is going to be something that can teach them some useful skills and the end result will be a bit incentive for them too.

Have A Movie Night

For families that love movies, then you’re definitely going to want to choose a home theater system and have a home movie night. This could even work out perfectly if you did decide to do some renovations and create the perfect home theater space.

Plan A Barbecue

Love meat? Love the outdoors? Love spending time with neighbors, friends, and the extended family? Then planning a big barbecue at the weekend is always a no-brainer!

Be Spontaneous

And finally, you might also want to think about getting a little more spontaneous too. Because the best weekends aren’t always the ones that you planned out. When it comes to relaxing and having fun, you can’t force it. Sometimes, you just must see what you feel like doing on the day, so learning to be a bit more spontaneous can help you. If you know that you want to do something together as a family, get up early, take a look at the weather, head out, and see where the day takes you.

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