5 Spring Honey-Do List Items You Won't Mind Doing
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5 Spring Honey-Do List Items You Won’t Mind Doing

5 Spring Honey-Do List Items You Won't Mind Doing

When spring rolls around, you can count on a handful of things: unpredictable weather, nightly thunderstorms, and a honey-do list. While the rain and storms are bearable, your honey-do list is typically full of items that make you want to say honey-don’t. Yet, doing so might land you in hot water. This guide, however, contains spring home maintenance ideas that will make your spouse happy and you more willing to fulfill her wishes.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Let’s start with the easy stuff first. Checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors involves no more than removing them from the ceiling and replacing the batteries. Ideally, you should replace the batteries on these devices every six months, making spring and fall the perfect times to do so. The chore can be performed in a matter of minutes, it’s inexpensive, and it could potentially save your life. Now not only have you made your spouse happy, but you’ve also achieved super-hero status.

Maintain the HVAC System

This is another reasonably simple chore, and it benefits the whole family. Trim any shrubs or long grass along the outside unit and clean or replace air vents. Doing this will not only ensure that you’re breathing high-quality air while in the home, but also, it can improve the unit’s overall performance. Thanks to your handy work, no one can complain that it’s “too hot” this coming summer. Use The Family Handyman’s step-by-step guide to complete this to-do list quickly and efficiently.

Change the Tires

This may not necessarily be a spring home maintenance job, but it is necessary. Swap out the extra-tread winter tires for all-season ones. Doing so will not only preserve the heavy-duty tread for next winter, but also, it can help you save on gas mileage this summer. When you take your annual road-trip, you can worry less about gas prices and more about you’re going to sneak off for your solo, all-day fishing adventure.

Ready the Pool

Once you’ve changed the tires, you may feel like you need to take a dip in the pool, making this chore perfectly timed. Throw back the cover, grab the net, and start scooping out whatever debris made its way into the water over the winter. Check the filtration system to make sure no leaves or critters got caught. Scrub the surface to free it of any moss or growth, and then add some chlorine tablets to finish the job. Even if it is too cold to swim, you’ll feel better just by looking at that nice cool blue.

Mow the Grass

This post started off easy and it’s going to end that way. After all, this is a list of spring home maintenance chores you won’t mind doing. Bust out the riding lawn mower, grab a cold beverage, and then relax as blades of grass go flying out behind you.

Home maintenance is not always easy, but nobody said that owning a home would be. However, you deserve to relax too. If you want to make both your spouse and yourself happy, start checking off these easier honey-do items.

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