3 Things to do When You've Got The House To Yourself
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3 Things to do When You’ve Got The House To Yourself

3 Things to do When You've Got The House To Yourself

Yes, we all love spending time with the kids, sure. But, there are sometimes in life, where you just need a bit of time to yourself. You could be a stay at home dad, or you could be working all the hours under the sun, and whatever your unique situation, and you might not get a break at all. Of course, your partner may say that they don’t get a break either, but, it’s been shown that men need a bit more time away in which to recuperate mentally. Whether this is a drink with friends, or just time to yourself, it makes you a better parent. So, without further ado, here is what you can do to help yourself, if you are lucky enough to have afternoon where everyone is out of the house.

Immerse Yourself in A Game

At first glance, getting stuck into a computer game might seem counterproductive, but if it’s a game you’ve been chomping at the bit to get into for a while, this is your ideal opportunity. And, for those who aren’t well acquainted with the wonders of playing a game for hours, it’s almost like a little meditation. You sit there, assuming the pose, legs crossed, and you focus your mind, calm your breathing, and escape onto another plain. Whether it’s playing your hero in Final Fantasy 15 or going retro, back to simpler times by playing Sonic the Hedgehog, or Flashback, once you’ve finished a couple of hours in front of the TV, you’ve actually given your brain a mental workout. This has been scientifically proven, so don’t view playing games as a waste of time.

Feed Your Brain

If computer games aren’t your bag, then think about the ways in which you can mentally rejuvenate yourself. You don’t have to take this opportunity to catch up on all the shows you missed unless they are something that really gets you thinking. Instead, if you’ve been feeling mentally empty, because your younger companion in life can’t discuss the ins and outs of Dostoevsky or Camus, take this opportunity to load your brain with as much information as possible. Or in fact, you could take opportunity to feed your brain when the kids are around. You might find that you’re on autopilot consistently, so ingenious thoughts are like dust in the wind. Take the opportunity to download a bunch of podcasts that you can put on in the car, certain websites that give you a real handle of what is going on in the world, but also, don’t underestimate the radio. Wherever you are the world, there are some great radio stations, that don’t cater to the lowest common denominator, but will force you to pedal a little bit harder mentally to keep up. This is a very good thing!

Have A Bath

And if you just need some proper time in which to close your eyes, and calm down, just run the bath! No one’s in the house, so put some bubbles in there as well as some Epsom salts, and you’ve got a luxurious, warm, but also rejuvenating, soak in the tub! Of course, you might have your own ways to recharge, but when there’s no one in the house, this is the perfect opportunity in which to let your hair down. So, take full advantage of this, you don’t know when the next time will be!

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