How to Successfully Grow your Own Business with Social Media
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How to Successfully Grow your Own Business with Social Media

How to Successfully Grow your Own Business with Social Media

The landscape has changed when it comes to making a sale. Although you may want to just leave the social media to the kids, that simply can’t be the case anymore if you want to successfully grow your own business. Using social media is integral for anyone trying to market their brand, product or services. To keep up with the market and get in front of your potential customers, you need to use social media. If you currently own your own business, you might want to get some tips from you kids on how to use social media and check out the following ways to leverage it for your business’s success.

Create Quality Content

A common mistake when approaching social media for business is sharing and posting 24/7. Posting frequently may work on your personal social media page with pictures of the family on vacation, but for a consumer you’re trying to engage, you want quality versus quantity when it comes to content. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. They are likely checking out your business’ social media page to see how it can benefit them. What can you give them, content wise, that they can appreciate? Is it sharing a promotion? Yes. Is it sharing a blog that relates to the consumer’s lifestyle? Yes. Is it giving them more information on the products or services you’re selling? Yes. Social media posts create your brand’s story and when you share them it gives people a chance to connect with your brand and grow investment in it.

Capitalize on Different Social Media Features

New features on social media platform just keep coming. It used to just be post a picture, post a status and you’re done. Nowadays, live video feeds and stories are what people are talking about. Capitalize on the social media features you have available to you, if it makes sense for your brand. For instance, you can engage your followers on Instagram by showing them a sneak peak of a product you’re selling via an Instagram Story, then take a poll directly on the story to gauge their interest. There are so many ways to share information on social, as long as you put customer engagement as priority, it should keep your marketing intentions focused and set up for success.

Optimize Your Social Media for Mobile Users

More likely than not, your audience probably accesses their social media mainly on their smartphones. While it’s important to make sure their experience is good on the desktop site, it’s equally, if not more important to optimize it for mobile devices. Online users these days are moving more and more towards mobile and it’s crucial to stay with them wherever they go. Paying attention to small but significant details, like creating a short, BITLY link for a long web address you share, lets the user make a quick decision to click on the link. Longer web addresses can take up an entire post and you lose valuable real estate on a mobile screen because of this.

Keep Your Audience Interested

First, it’s important to know your audience, which means thinking about your brand, its benefits and who exactly it can benefit. Once you have defined your audience, you can then begin to understand them and share with them relevant news and information they want to hear. Second, keep them enthused about your brand. You can do this by playing to their emotions and asking them to participate on your social media platforms. Asking them to share their favorite (fill in the blank) and post a picture on a comments thread is a wonderful way to get them involved and makes them directly interact with your brand. It works to build a loyal relationship with your followers.

Stay Educated on Social Media

Because social media is constantly evolving, it’s critical that you keep up with the latest and greatest trends. Follow industry publications like Social Media Today to be on the pulse of how social media is being used by consumers. If social media is a completely foreign territory to you, there are endless resources available to you on the internet. Try finding a free course on social media and social media for marketers to get started. To add, many companies like Amway, provide the training and guidance independent business owners can follow to leverage social media to their advantage.

Not that you have a better understanding of how social media isn’t just fun and games and can work for business to, it’s time to get your brand on the social scene. Starting with the aforementioned tips can get you on the right track towards running a successful business.

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