Balancing Form And Function In Your Decor
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3 Simple Ways In Balancing Form And Function In Your Decor

When it comes to defining the “style” of a space in the home, there are two ways that people tend to overdo it. The former choose style over substance, creating a consistent, gorgeous look, but at the sacrifice of space, sense, and usability in their design. The others do the opposite, creating a soulless yet utilitarian space. Here, we’re going to look at how you strike up a little balance between the two in your bedroom.

Balancing Form And Function In Your Decor

Watch this space

If there’s something that’s going to get in the way of the proper functionality of a space, it’s clutter. There are two kinds of clutter to watch out for. The bedroom easily accumulates the first, which is your standard mess of clothes on the floor and different utility items, whether it be notepads, pens, or books on surface tops. There are storage solutions you can make use of, however, to ensure that both don’t encroach. A hamper under the bed will give you an easy place to store all those straying clothes, for instance, while vacuum bags can make excellent storage for seasonal bedding, clothes, and the like that you’re not using any time soon.

Be fussy with furniture

The furniture you use is going to be key in deciding the look of the room. It is also what provides it with most of its function. For that reason, it’s a clever idea to be fussy about it. Stylish rooms make use of furniture that tends to share the same or similar aesthetics, from the same collections and designers if possible. For that reason, find an enormous collection that you can pick and choose from. Decide up front what you need, what kind of storage, tables, beds, etc. and use that to narrow down your selections amongst that collection. Try to avoid function overlap, choosing one larger piece of storage instead of two smaller pieces where possible. When you can, choose furniture that can offer two functions for the price of one, too.

Every space has its place

One aspect of home design that can interrupt both form and function is trying to make a room do too many things at once. The bedroom is for sleeping and storing personal items, primarily. Trying to fit a home office in there will take up a great degree of space that could be better dedicated to that purpose. Similarly, it interrupts the aesthetic of the look by cramming another, smaller space dedicated purely to function instead of the aesthetic you have built across the rest of the room. Try to avoid creating a room that acts as more than one space at once.


The tips above are going to help you perfect the balance between the aesthetic and the use of your bedroom. You don’t have to sacrifice function for form or vice-versa. With the right selection of furniture, appropriate use of the space, and bearing in mind the “correct” use of a room, you can stay true to both design and purpose.

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