10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids
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10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids

10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids

As a parent, we always want to make sure our kids are as healthy as possible. One thing we need to do is make sure they’re eating healthy foods. To go with a healthy body, we also want our kids to have a healthy mind. At times, we tend to steer in the wrong direction, but below are some things to help myself and other parents. Check out these 10 Ways to Promote a Healthy Body and Mind for Kids.


  • Apple Sauce Pouches – In a world full of ‘fake news’ and fake foods, Tree Top wants you to rest easy knowing one thing is real – the food going into your body. Tree Top has introduced these innovative, clear apple sauce pouches, made with 100% USA apples and no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors and colors. The new, see-through pouches are made with safety and goodness at heart, giving parents peace of mind when it comes to a quick, healthy and fun snack kids will enjoy.
  • Grow for Goodness Sake – Help your kids plant a garden while helping the planet, too. Teaching children how to grow their own flowers, fruits and vegetables is a fun outdoor activity that’s also educational.
  • Get Outside! – It’s a common phrase every parent has heard: “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!” Summer is almost here and it’s time to get kids out of the house for active fun. Set up a sprinkler in the yard, start a game of Frisbee or football, pick up a jump rope or hula hoop, or let your kid’s creativity flourish with some sidewalk chalk. Play time is essential to a child’s development and more than just fun; it lets kids explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence.
  • Gut Check – The probiotic industry – which is expected to reach $17.4 billion in sales by 2027 – is quickly growing, and for good reason. Probiotics are said to help immune function, protect against hostile bacteria, prevent infection and improve nutrition. Many probiotics exist in fun, fruit-flavored chewables or gummies that kids will want to eat!
  • Hydrate Smart – Between school, homework, sports, and friends, kids these days are busier than ever – meaning it’s easier than ever to overlook the one thing their bodies need the most: water. What better way to remind your kids of their water intake than with a fun water bottle. We recommend looking for stainless steel or BPA free bottles like the Zulu Torque Kids Water Bottle.  Don’t forget that eating fruit like melons is a great way to stay hydrated, and they can also be added to water to increase nutrition and taste appeal.


  • Kiwi Cratest Hits – Delivered monthly, each Kiwi Crate includes age-appropriate projects that make learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) fun and engaging. Kiwi Crates allows you to choose kits based on a child’s age, making them perfect for beginner scientists-in-the-making or seasoned pros.
  • Whirl Domination – As a country, we are shockingly bad at geography. We don’t know where anything is! Why not give a globe a whirl? Encourage your child to learn about the wonders of the world, search for the longest rivers, the biggest countries, and the highest mountain ranges. We recommend this 3-in-1 Educational Desktop Globe, which allows kids to learn about the constellations as they journey around the world.
  • Bring Your Kids Into the Fold – Origami was introduced to Japan in the late sixth century by Buddhist monks. It helps develop hand-eye coordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, patience, temporal-spatial skills, math reasoning and problem-solving. Fold away!
  • Keep on Playin’ Those Mind Games – Not all “mind games” are bad. In fact, many games do wonders for the brain. Classic ones such as Mastermind require kids use deductive reasoning and logic. Others, such as I-Spy, tap into children’s cognitive system and enhance their ability to learn and to navigate cluttered environments. And Mad Libs teach grammar under the guise of silly fun. For those looking for something more modern, Banana Grams helps kids expand vocabulary and improve spelling.
  • Unlock Your Family Story  – Family history is fun. Teaching children about their ancestors is a great way to introduce them to history. Resources such as Family Tree Kids provide a plethora of fun activities that spark creativity for the budding historian in your family.
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