Leave Your Front Door as You Would from the Barbershop
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Leave Your Front Door as You Would from the Barbershop

Leave Your Front Door as You Would from the Barbershop

The relationship between a man and his barber is a sacred one. But, what happens when a man’s family comes in between? Being a father and a husband leaves little time for professional pampering, and choosing a closer blade feels like a weird kind of adultery, right? Unless you choose to go full DIY.

These are the essential tricks and products for keeping your hair and beard tamed and stylish at home.

Upgrade Your Gear

In case you’re still planning to see your barber in the nearest future, it might be better to lay off the scissors. But if your affair has officially come to end, the scissors themselves won’t suffice. There’s more to hair care than soaps and blades, which is why we’ve prepared a complete gear list for every man who wants to leave his front door as he would from the barbershop, no matter the occasion.

  1. Clippers

Every respectable barber should own at least one detachable and one adjustable clipper. The first one is for cutting your hair in bulk, very roughly, while the second serves to tame the thick hair. Adjustable clippers are significantly cheaper, and detachable ones can be bought together with T-blade trimmers.

  1. Trimmers

It isn’t until the barber takes a T-blade trimmer that hairstyling truly begins. Though powerful, this tool is designed for more delicate work like outlining and maintaining the lines. All touch-ups and shape-ups are impossible without a high-quality trimmer, so make sure to invest in a more expensive one.

  1. Shears

If there’s a frizzle or volume to your hairstyle, you can’t solely depend on electric clipper gear. You’ll need scissors as well, but not just any kind. Professionals call them shears, and typically use three different types – texturizing shears for thinning, smaller ones for cutting over the fingers, and bigger ones for cutting over the comb. Together, they make a trifecta that’ll transform you into a true barber.

  1. Shaving Kit

Straight razors, hot towels, and HiLee beard oil products. It’s what makes a barbershop an equivalent of a gentlemen’s’ club, and what you’ll need to have at your home if you want to trim and style your beard yourself. Not only is the smell just as amazing, but also this treatment will protect your skin from irritations.

  1. Combs and Brushes

If you’re trying to employ a DIY approach, we believe that combs and brushes are pretty self-explanatory. They are the most basic styling gear you can get, so start building your toolkit from there.

Choose the Right Products

A good shampoo can make your hair shine, but it cannot maintain that shine all by itself. Shampoos and hair conditioners go hand in hand just like a face wash and a moisturizer – while the first cleans, the second treats and pampers. Add a hair styling product if you need one, and you’re all good to go.

Pre-shave beard oils, shaving creams, and colognes are essential if you’re keeping your facial hair down to the minimum, since they prevent razor burn and keep the skin smooth and moisturized. If you’re growing a beard, you’ll need a hair shampoo, a conditioner, and beard oil for added sleek and shine.

Maintain the Line

When it comes to maintaining the line, everything else from clipping to trimming seems like a walk in the park. This is by far the most difficult thing to do on your own, which is why most men reach out to their ladies or roommates for help. But, there’s still a DIY hack you can use when no one’s around.

First, you need a good mirror and a trusty trimmer. Then, take your left hand and place it horizontally over the natural hairline. A line left by your barber should be visible above your neck and around your ears, so just follow it along. If you still don’t have a trimmer, a good safety blade should do the trick.

Trim and Style

Unlike hairlines, beard edges are easy to maintain. However, you’ll need to take care of the length and the sideburns at the same time. Take it down a notch or two when the beard reaches below the jawline, and then do the same again after it reaches your Adam’s apple. That’s how you create a fade.

As for edging and shaping, remember to remove any rogue hair from below and around your neck and the tops of your cheeks. This will make the lines softer, more natural, and easier to maintain. Every once in a while, remove split ends with a trimmer, and use a razor to tidy up the disobedient edges. If you’re lacking inspiration for what style to go for, just take a look here.


Finally, never skip the details. Pay close attention to the lines around your ears and sideburns, since they are the ones that grow the fastest. With the right equipment and some patience, even your barber will be amazed when you finally pay him a visit. That is, if you need to see a professional at all.

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