Tips To Consider When Planning On Having a New Kitten
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5 Tips To Consider When Planning On Having a New Kitten

A warm bundle of purr is always a nice addition to the family. Just like having a baby, a new kitten comes with that special feeling especially for a pet loving family. Whether you are birthing your cat or adopting a kitten, you will be solely responsible for the cat and aid him transit from a kitten to a full grown cat. For you to lead your kitten through childhood it takes a lot of planning and everyone in your family will be actively involved.

If your kitten is well raised, you will be happy with the results as he would grow to become a special part of the family that will live to love your home.

Tips To Consider When Planning On Having a New Kitten

The following tips will help you plan for the arrival of your new kitten:

Treat Your Kitten like A Kitten

If you are new to having a cat, you should know that a kitten is just like a baby and he is completely dependent on you and the mother. The type of care he should receive is very different from what you would give an adult kitten. The various stages of development where you need to carefully watch a kitten are:

Under Seven Weeks

This is a very delicate time and your kitten may die if you do not give it enough attention. At the stage, your kitten should be with the mother and his mates. This is because at this stage, their body organs are still developing and they are yet to be able to regulate their body temperature. They depend on the heat generated from staying close together. If you are adopting a kitten at this age, you need to consult a vet for specific guidelines on how to care for your kitten. Most times you literally have to play the role of a mother, you will bottle-feed your kitten for every two hours. You will also help your kitten poop and pee. So get prepared to raise a kid again.

Seven To Twelve Weeks

At this stage, your kitten should be weaned and be feeding on kitten diet. You can now take away the kitten from the mother but it will be placed on a rich, energy-giving protein diet that can be easily digested. They are various types of kitten food for you to choose from, make sure you make the right choice and get a food designed just for your kitten. You can buy pet food online for convenience at sites like Swell Pets. At this stage, your kitten is hyperactive and will always want to run around, jump, play and learning to figure out his environment. This stage is fun but can be very dangerous as your kitten will get hurt if not controlled.  You have to always keep an eye on him to make sure he is safe.

Two To Four-Month

At this stage, your kitten is developing very fast and is full of energy. He will eat more food and play more often. You need to make sure you place him on a protein-rich diet as he needs it for full development.

Four To Six Month

Your kitten is gradually becoming a cat now. He/she is reaching sexual maturity and will be fully aware of his environment. He now has a full sense of belonging in your family and will always welcome you home with a wide smile. Raising a kitten is an awesome experience that is going to bring back a lot of memories.

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