Al B. Sure Released His Debut Album 30 Years Ago Today
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Al B. Sure Released His Debut Album 30 Years Ago Today

Al B. Sure Released His Debut Album 30 Years Ago Today

Thinking about the 80s brings back so many memories, with some good and bad. A couple of us who grew up during that time were talking about it last night. I’ve said many times that that was one of the worse fashion periods EVER. Some of the co-workers said that they loved it during that time, but either way it brought back memories. If you were raised in the 80s and you were light-skinned, I’m sure you were called Al B. Sure. To go a little further, if you were light-skinned and had good hair, you were called Al B. Sure. It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since he dropped his debut album, In Effect Mode! The first single off the project was Nite and Day, which was an instant smash-hit. Since the 30-year anniversary of the album falls on Thursday, here’s my Throwback Thursday.

After the success of Nite and Day, Al. B Sure was that dude. The album was only nine tracks long, but it was a dope album. During the 80s, New Jack Swing was the sound of choice, which was up-tempo. His second single he released was also another classic in the book. Off on Your Own was more on the R&B and slow jams tip. This was his second consecutive #1 hit from the album. This is probably my favorite Al B. Sure joint and you’ll find this one several throwback R&B mixtapes. Those two songs are great, and the album is good also. Rescue Me shot up to #3 in the R&B charts, so the album was full of hits. For all my R&B fans, this album should be in your collection. You can check it out below or hit this link right here to peep it yourself.

Where are all my old-school R&B fans? Do you remember Al B. Sure? What’s your favorite track off his debut album, In Effect Mode? Leave a comment below about anything Al B. Sure related or his debut album.

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