Smart Shopper Tactics: 3 Secrets You Should Know
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Smart Shopper Tactics: 3 Secrets You Should Know

Smart Shopper Tactics: 3 Secrets You Should Know

It is always amazing to hear about those devoted coupon-shoppers who spend hours digging through newspapers and magazines, always searching for coupons to use in any given store that they walk into. In fact, you may have heard about devoted coupon-shoppers who sometimes get money back from a store. It seems crazy that something like that is even possible. However, it is important to remember that the only way that they got to where they are was with hard work and dedication to saving money. Anyone could do the same; the only thing that they may lack is the dedication and willingness to look. You may be interested in saving at least a little bit of money, at least more than you already spend at the grocery store. Listed below are three simple steps that can perhaps help you to save a little extra money at the store.

1. Couponing is your friend

As mentioned above, couponing is vitally important to the process. To get you started, all you really need to do is visit the store that you would like to start couponing for. When you do, pick up the sheet that they offer near the front of the store, if they have one. It tells you the best deals that the store is offering for that week. One good rule for them is to always buy the things that you need when they are on sale. That way, not only do you have coupons for that product but the item is also on sale, thereby giving you a double discount on the item.

The second coupon-related tip is to hunt the newspapers that have coupons inside of them. If you do not know which papers those are, ask the front desk of the store. They would be more than happy to tell you which papers contain their coupons.

Oftentimes, the paper in question only costs one dollar and fifty cents at the most, assuming that you live in the United States. However, the cost is similar in other countries as well. Keep in mind, however, that by investing a dollar and a half into the paper you should get at least that in order to break even. Best tip of all, though, is to see if the store has its own app. Many stores have now relocated their coupons to be purely available through their app. Or, at the very least, all of the coupons that you could hunt through various papers and catalogs for will all be found in one place on their app, so you should absolutely take advantage of it.

 2. Get the store’s reward card if they have one

Many stores now often offer a reward card, even older stores, for their customers to sign up for so that the shoppers can save more money. Many stores, such as Winn-Dixie, Kroger, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, and many retail stores as well, offer member cards. Occasionally, you find a store, like Publix, that does not engage in the practice, so it is important for you to know which stores have them and which stores do not. The cashiers at the store should know whether or not they have a rewards card, member card or app that you can participate in. The vast majority of these member and rewards programs are absolutely free to participate in, so if the stores you use have them, get them. Oftentimes, stores offer special perks or rewards for having and using a store card

Some stores also offer specialized credit cards that net you specific rewards based on how much you use them. A couple of examples of that are Wal-Mart’s credit card that saves its users money on Wal-Mart products and the Barclays Arrival Plus card. Do be careful with these, though, as they are usually credit cards with very high-interest rates.

 3. Know when the store rotates their deals

Finally, be sure to pay attention to when stores rotate their deals and go shopping on the right day(s) you found deals for. It is fair to say you’ll have a rather depressed shopping trip if you walk into a grocery store only to realize that all of the deals that you prepared for were rotated into new deals for the new week. A related warning that should be mentioned is that grocery stores do not tend to rotate on the day that you may think. For example, one store may have their stock and deal rotation happen on a Tuesday, while for another it may happen on a Friday. Keep an ear to the ground and stay on the lookout for any potential changes the schedule that they may end up making.

And finally, be friendly

If you are a constant customer and you make an effort to engage with the people that work at your chosen grocery store, they definitely appreciate your efforts. Sometimes, stores that really value repeat shoppers reward them with special offers or discounts that would not otherwise be there, so make an effort to form a relationship with them.


Happy shopping!

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