4 Reasons Why My Daughter Loves the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition
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4 Reasons Why My Daughter Loves the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

This article is sponsored by Amazon, but all opinions are 100% mine.

4 Reasons Why My Daughter Loves the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

4 Reasons Why My Daughter Loves the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

As a parent of three, sometimes it seems like I’m a parent of one child these days. My son is a year removed from high school and I don’t see him as much as I used to. With him being in school, working all the time and spending time with his girlfriend. My oldest daughter will be graduating from high school next month and she also works all the time. My youngest daughter is 13, in the 7th grade, and she’s a very busy child. Between the teen life, she’s involved with her school’s Spanish program, chorus, cheerleading and add her homework on top of that. After she gets home and finishes her homework, she likes to play on her phone and talk to friends. Afterwards, she loves to play on her Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. Below are a few things she loves about her tablet.


One thing she like to do when she gets a break is read. With technology changing, she loves the fact that she can read of her Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. With Amazon FreeTime Unlimited she has access to so many books. With her school always stressing that she reads at least 15 minutes a night, she goes over the limit. There have been many times that she starts reading and next thing you know 30 minutes have passed by. The Amazon Parent Dashboard is another feature that allows parents to better understand the content their child is viewing, reading or playing and contains discussion cards to help have a conversation with your kids about that content.

More About Discussion Cards

Discussion Cards is something to help parents have more productive conversations about what they’re reading. The cards may also suggest ways to connect that digital behavior to real life. Whatever your child is reading about, discussion cards prompt the parent to ask questions related to their topic. If your child is someone that loves animals, it gives the parent appropriate question regarding the animal. This is key for them as they grow because this will help them with essays later in their school years. If that wasn’t enough, this feature may suggest you help at your local shelter as a volunteer.


4 Reasons Why My Daughter Loves the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

We all know that kids love apps, and this is perfect for your child. As soon as my daughter received her Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet, she began downloading apps. Her favorite apps so far are Hill Climbing 2, Geometry Dash Lite, Dancing Line and sliter.io. All the apps she loves are free, so it’s cool with us and we still can monitor her activity.

Videos and Shows

4 Reasons Why My Daughter Loves the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

All kids love to watch videos and their favorite shows online. Trust me, all kids have videos they watch online that they watch all the time. With my daughter, she loves to find cheerleading and some of her favorite cartoons growing up like Dora the Explorer. We like to watch that together because it brings back so many memories. When she was younger, we had the DVDs and watched them all the time because she stayed home with me in the daytime because I worked nights. I’ve been a supporter of everything Amazon for years. As a blogger, Amazon also helps monetize my site and if you blog, it could help also. Check out this Amazon marketing agency and see instant results also.

Have you tried the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet for your kids? If not, you should try it because you all will love it? If you have, what do you think about it? What’s your favorite feature on it? Leave a comment below.

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