Uh! Oh! Your Inventory Is Low, Well It Is Time to Build

Uh! Oh! Your Inventory Is Low, Well It Is Time to Build

Uh! Oh! Your Inventory Is Low, Well It Is Time to Build

The housing market is in the mists of one of the best and healthiest upturns in all modern history. Homeowners are clearly in control of their destiny since most selling situations end in multiple offer situations. As selling prices skyrocket, buyers are left with a perplexing dilemma. Not only do they run the risks of overpaying for a property, finding themselves in a bidding war with several other potential buyers, and coming to the table with marginal buying leverage during negotiations; one of the most significant problems facing homebuyers is the over lack of inventory. Many homes are sold before they even make it onto the official MLS listing, so buyers are forced to settle between minimal options while simultaneously paying top dollar for their selection.


The cyclical nature of the housing market will eventually move away from this trend. However, if there is a desire to buy a home and the purchaser is not in a position where they can play the lottery and wait out the transition, they may need to find recourse in other ways. One of those options is to build a home. Building a house has many advantages, even for the DIY buyer or fixer upper.


Homebuyers who decide to build are unfettered from the ongoing fluctuations of the housing market. They do, however, take on other responsibilities. For example, home buyers need to pay close attention to their building schedule and expenses but, with adequate and diligent attention to detail plus, a trusted and reputable builder, the outcome equates to the desired house, floor plan, and location.


The first step in the building process is to secure a piece of land on which to build the new home. There are a variety of options when making this consideration. Many developers have pre-zoned neighborhoods, where you can buy into several preselected floor-plan options. There are also unzoned lots where buyers have more options from a design and architectural standpoint. These types of purchases may require the buyer to do more of the legwork, garnering permits and making sure there is strict adherence to city zoning ordinances, to name a few. Depending on the location, it could also require routing utilities to the house like electric, and sewage.

Uh! Oh! Your Inventory Is Low, Well It Is Time to Build

When deciding to buy a home, most purchasers make a list of must-haves and desirables in the property. For those who want to build a house, a similar list is advantageous to the process. It can be helpful as buyers weed through all the potential land options. Here are some things to keep in mind while looking at lots:

  • Location, including the school system, the nearby amenities and access to transit
  • A land survey of the lot and surrounding areas
  • The results of environmental tests
  • Utilities in the area
  • Zoning, ordinances, and codes pertaining to the lot and future construction

After picking and purchasing the lot and removing all its contingencies, there is a fair amount of labor needed to prime and prepare it for the building process. Depending on the land’s condition, it may require any combination of clearing, excavating, and grading before a construction crew can lay a stable foundation. JT Magbe Contracting, LLC is the industry leader in both commercial and residential land management, development, and restoration services in Atlanta and North Georgia. With over 20 years of heavy civil construction experience, JT Magbe Contracting has earned high praise from its clients and a well-deserved reputation for value, service, and reliability.

Uh! Oh! Your Inventory Is Low, Well It Is Time to Build

JT Magbe specializes in all forms of site work including grading, utility pipe construction, excavating, retention-detention pond maintenance, forestry mulching, clearing and brush mowing. So, when it comes to new home construction, they are an essential, trusted, and experienced partner for landowners. Regardless of whether you find and purchase a raw lot or one through a neighborhood contractor, JT Magbe Contracting, is some ally homeowners are always glad to know when the time is right for significant land clearing and grading.


Building a house dreams are made of is an exciting and exhilarating process, but it can be stressful. When buyers have a trusted arsenal of professionals to help guide them through the process, it takes a lot of the guesswork and anxiety out of it. JT Magbe Contracting has set themselves apart from the competition by utilizing advanced insights garnered through years of experience, demonstrating a tremendous amount of industry-related knowledge, and fostering meaningful relationships with their clients. They have all the tools to make preparing land for construction easy and uneventful.


Do not settle for a bidding war or overpaying for a house which only meets some of the demands on a predetermined checklist. Be in a position with home-buying power by building a home instead of buying an existing one. Partnering with JT Magbe Contracting will not only ease the buyer into the home-buying process it will also enhance and cultivate the land’s inherent value.

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