Houston Golden State: Who’s Winning Game 3?
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Houston Golden State: Who’s Winning Game 3?

Houston Golden State: Who’s Winning Game 3?

After these two teams split the games in Houston, they head to Oakland. The biggest news headed to Game 3 has been, what’s the deal with Steph Curry? To be honest, this series feels like the NBA Finals because they are the two best teams in the league. You have arguably five of the best 15 players in the league in this series. Coming into this series, my prediction was that Golden State would win it in six games. After Game 1, some were thinking the Warriors would even sweep the Rockets. After a phenomenal Game 2 by the Rockets, people have become more intrigued in this series. The Houston Rockets were able to beat the defending champs by 22 points and that’s with Durant scoring 37 points. Do you expect Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry to struggle in Game 3?

Everyone always talk about the shooting of Golden State, but Houston is the leader in that category. The focus has been on Chris Paul and James Harden throughout the season and deservedly so, but the supporting cast is amazing. Eric Gordon, P.J. Tucker, Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green and Clint Capela deserves some credit. Will these guys continue to play well as they hit the road and go to an incredibly hostile environment? Golden State have had one of the best homecourt advantages over the past few years. The energy of that crowd is amazing, and the players feed off them, which should be the case for this game. I’m sure Klay Thompson will get off his snide and start early. Kevin Durant will continue to put up monster numbers and Draymond Green should return to be his disruptive self. Will Curry bounce back and have a better game?

If Golden State Win Game 3, they’ll need a better game plan on defense for Curry. If Houston continues to expose of him, this game could repeat Game 3. Once again, Houston should continue to play five guys that can create their own shot and spread the floor. For Golden State to walk away victorious, they will need more than Durant to have a good game. I’m expecting Klay Thompson to step up and that leaves either Curry or Green to contribute more. Golden State could have one of their bench players to play a key role also. In the end, I’m thinking Golden State to go up two games to one after Sunday night. Are you convinced the Warriors will win Sunday? If so, check out the offshore sportsbooks for US players to win some cash.

Who’s winning Game 3 between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors? How do you see things playing out? Will Steph Curry bounce back and have a better game? Leave a comment below about anything related to Golden State, Houston or anything Game 3.

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