Janet Jackson Released Janet Album 25 Years Ago
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Janet Jackson Released Janet Album 25 Years Ago

Janet Jackson Released Janet Album 25 Years Ago

Janet Jackson have been in the public eye for over 40 years. We all remember her role as Penny on Good Times and later she was on Different Strokes. Janet Jackson released her debut album, Janet Jackson in 1982. She finally broke out in 1986 when she released her Control album. Three years later, she dropped her classic Rhythm Nation joint and it took the world by storm. On May 18, 1993 she released her fifth studio album titled Janet. With this album, Janet Jackson embraced her sexual side as she became more of a sex symbol. This album sold over 40 million copies as it was lead by That’s the Way Love Goes. The single was released about a month before the album dropped. That’s the Way Love Goes was well-received and as a teenager, I was in love. Check out the video below!


That the Way Love Goes was one of the longest reigning hit of 1993. It was the top hit on the Billboard Charts for an unprecedented eight weeks. She released a 3 single in the summer, winter and fall. Any Time, Any Place was her 5th single from the album and it was released a few days after the albums one-year anniversary. For me, Any Time, Any Place is one of my favorite Janet Jackson tracks. Whenever she tours, it’s one of her biggest records she performs. Any Time, Any Place reached number 2 on the Billboard Charts and once again it displayed her sexual side. Once again, this is another dope track and one that I’ve included in a few of my personal slow jam mixtapes. After Any Time, Any Place Janet Jackson released four more singles, which meant nine singles was released from this album.


All in all, this is one of the better albums Janet Jackson has ever released. It’s crazy that when people talk about all-time great female artists, Janet rarely gets the mentions she deserves. The Janet album has been in my collection ever since it was released. If you have Spotify, you can check out the album right here or stream it below.

What do you think about Janet Jackson? What’s your favorite track off this album? What’s your favorite album and track from Janet Jackson? Leave a comment below.

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