What’s the Deal with Steph Curry?
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What’s the Deal with Steph Curry?

What’s the Deal with Steph Curry?

We all have heard it on various sports talk shows. The reporters even asked Coach Steve Kerr and Steph himself after his horrible Game 2. What’s the deal with Steph Curry? After missing over a month, Steph returned to action against the Pelicans and went off. It seemed like the old Steph was back, but he hasn’t been playing well since that game. Golden State has been carried by Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green after Curry’s return. Should there be a cause for concern? Of course, think back two years ago — when he came back from the less-severe knee sprain after missing three weeks and then dropped 40 points in his first game back — we later found out that a single performance didn’t prove that he was all the way back physically. If you watch him play, he doesn’t have that same explosive first step.

When you think about him returning from the Grade 2 MCL Sprain, that’s major for a point guard. You also must take in affect that he’s working harder on defense. Let’s be honest, Curry has never been known for his defense. Usually, he covers the guy on the court who isn’t a factor when it comes to scoring. With Houston, they keep five guys on the floor that can shoot from anywhere at any given time. The Rockets have also been running a lot of picks to get Curry in isolation situations. When that happens, he’s left to defend either Eric Gordon, Chris Paul or James Harden in those situations and we’ve seen the results. Do you remember the 2015 NBA Finals where he came back from an injury and struggled? If you look at his movements, they look very similar to those NBA Finals.

With all the concerns about Steph Curry, I’m not too concerned just yet. Houston is a tough place to play and remember, they were the best team in the NBA during the regular season. I’ve said many times throughout the year that Houston is a serious threat to the Warriors after they added Chris Paul. With the series headed back to Oakland, Curry will be comfortable. If Steph Curry have another bad game on Sunday night, then we’ll have to start being concerned. For now, I’ll chalk it up to him having two terrible road game and maybe he’s not fully recovered. Since I’m a betting man, I’ll thinking Steph will bounce back in Game 3. Are you not convinced? Head to any sportsbook online and put your money where your mouth is. Who do you have winning the Houston-Golden State series?

Do you think Steph Curry is injured and not telling anyone? Does his bad play have to do with him playing defense more? What do you think about Curry’s play so far in the Western Conference Finals? Leave a comment related to Curry or the Rockets-Warriors series below.

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