How To Get Rid of Troublesome Pests
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How To Get Rid of Troublesome Pests

How To Get Rid of Troublesome Pests


That familiar sound followed by a swift, loud thud as the newspaper squashes a roach. Pests are creeping in the home again despite best efforts in keeping food off the tables and doors closed.

We’re in a battle with Mother Nature.

Pests may benefit our ecosystem, but all bets are off once they enter our homes. These bugs, rodents, and parasites bring nasty disease into our homes and yards. Pests are an unsavory sight and embarrassing problem. There’s no way to stop them all… but you can wage war with the critters. If you want to bypass everything below, you can call some pest control places. One of the best you will find is

Let’s learn what problems pests bring, why they’re infesting, and how to handle the swarm.

What are the Nasties Brought Along by Pests?

No doubt, deep cleaning should become a normal routine if you want to control pests. Not only does this help us maintain a healthy home in general, but even a single critter can bring about nasty diseases into your home.

What type of diseases?

  • Typhus is spread by rats
  • Mites are carried by mice
  • Lyme Disease is transferred via ticks
  • West Nile Virus is spread by mosquitoes
  • Salmonella is common with flies

Your chances of affliction are relatively low in western countries. But, the problems exist and one can never be too safe, especially if all it takes is maintenance and control measures.

What’s Bringing Pests into My Home?

It’s important to note that pests common in one area can be uncommon in another. For instance, those being overrun by Boxelder bugs are probably reaching out to pest control in Salt Lake City or somewhere else in the western states, whereas a Lovebug infestation would probably place you closer to the Southeast in the U.S.

Your weather conditions are playing into the infestation, too. The changing seasons will create mating and migration swarms during summer months. Wet summers and snowbound winters will create lots of activity, too, either driving them into your home or creating a perfectly cozy place to dwell.

People, furniture, and pets can track pests into our space as well. Unintentionally carrying pests could colonize your home like fleas hopping off a family member’s dog you’re petsitting for the weekend. Or, if you moved or picked items from sales without giving them a thorough scrub-down before bringing them inside.

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Pests?

Pests aren’t difficult if you’re taking preventative measures. Or, by using the right resources. The big problems tend to happen when there’s complete neglect or a freak of nature.

Here are some ways to get rid of pests:

  • Keep It Shut. Avoid keeping windows and doors open if possible. This also includes sealing gaps and cracks in the foundation where critters can make their way into the foundation.
  • Keep It Clean. Create a good routine of cleaning your kitchen and other areas you have/store food. This will deprive critters of snacking. And, getting the energy to reproduce and swarm.
  • Keep It Dry. Soak up damp and wet areas around the home and yard. This removes the pest’s water source. And, cuts off the environment many uses to lay eggs.
  • Keep It Tidy. Do a thorough pass through your home and yard, removing clutter. This removes the housing and cozy spaces they’ll infest and propagate out from.

Of course, there are many natural pest control items you could use around the home and yard. Or, get in touch with a local pest control service for on-going protection.

No More Eeeks, Ewwws, and Ahhs!

One or two bugs in your home are expected because you can’t control Mother Nature. But, it’s time to act if you’re seeing them regularly. So, understand their dangers and how they’re getting in. Then, start creating a better, cleanlier routine and proactive control measure to keep them at bay.

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