Rose Classic Basketball Tournament Starting June 11th in Atlanta
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Rose Classic Basketball Tournament Starting June 11th in Atlanta

Rose Classic Basketball Tournament Starting June 11th in Atlanta

One of my favorite memories growing up was playing basketball for various AAU teams. For all of you that’s not familiar with AAU, that’s where the best players from around the country participate in. Many calls it AAU, but some call it Travel Ball for basketball. If you love to watch the best players in the country, Atlanta will be the place to be starting June 11th. The Rose Classic Basketball tournament makes it way to Duluth High School from June 11th– June 13th. The championship game will be held on June 14th at Georgia Tech. The tournament brings together many of the nation’s top high school, travel, and AAU teams to compete on a highly visible stage. It also provides coaches, spectators, and fans the opportunity to scout up-and-coming talent. Players are given the chance to showcase their skills in a highly competitive environment, performing in front of an audience.

You could be witnessing some marquee names that could be household names in a few years. Many of these young ladies will be taking their talents to the collegiate level and possibly the WNBA. In 2018, Rose Classic Girls Basketball presents its Atlanta Spring tournament, a four-day event full of athleticism, prizes, fun, and special surprises for all to enjoy. This isn’t the first year for this tournament as it’s a very prominent tournament for the ladies and fans. Check out the history of the Rose Classic Basketball Tournament.

History of the Rose Classic

Established in New York City back in 2006, the Rose Classic aims to highlight the talents of young female basketball players. Through competition with the top teams and players from across the country, these young ladies can show off their potential to the world. Though they play to win on the court, they’re also playing to gain opportunities that will help them in life. Throughout the years the tournament has attracted the attention of scouts for colleges and the WNBA. Many players who have participated in the past have gone on to become college basketball stars and professional athletes. The exposure has allowed them to obtain scholarships to some of the top colleges and universities in the country. In addition to showcasing talent, the Rose Classic is one of the few tournaments that provides prizes to participants such as name brand equipment.

Tournament Director

As the Tournament Director for the Rose Classic, Al Williams has managed to increase its influence in different regions across the country. He expanded the Rose Classic to Raleigh-Durham in 2013 and took over as the Tournament Director for Atlanta in 2015. Through his determination he was able to bring in some of the top competitive high school and AAU female basketball teams in the United States. His passion for the Rose Classic is derived from his love of basketball. Al is also on a mission to create more opportunities for youth and give back to the community. He sees basketball, and sports in general, as a productive alternative to drugs, gangs, criminal activity, and wasted potential.  For more information on the Atlanta Spring Rose Classic visit or contact Al Williams, a

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