Using Color Theory to Create a Restful Bedroom
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Using Color Theory to Create a Restful Bedroom

We spend around eight hours a day in our bedrooms, sleeping, relaxing, and enjoying quality time with our partners, so it makes sense to design a bedroom that’s conducive to all the above. Color is very important in this regard. The wrong colors will make it very hard to relax and fall asleep, so it’s essential that you give careful thought to the color scheme in your bedroom.

Using Color Theory to Create a Restful Bedroom

In this article, we are going to look at some suitable colors for walls and soft furnishings.

The best bedroom colors for sleep are pale and soothing. The last thing you need is a bright red or purple bedroom. Both colors are much too vibrant and intense for a bedroom unless you need a lot of extra help waking up in the morning! Instead, stick to muted shades and pastel tones.


Blue is perfect for bedrooms. Blue conjures up images of the sky and water. It’s a calm, relaxing color that will ease your stress levels and make you feel instantly chilled out. There are many different shades of blue, ranging from soft grey-blue, through to teal and turquoise.

Color psychology reveals that blue is an effective nightmare deterrent. People who sleep in blue bedrooms sleep, on average, nearly eight hours. Choose the shade of blue that most appeals to you. Paint one wall a deeper shade of blue. If you want some extra color in your bedroom, add a few cushions or a blind in an accent shade, for example, yellow or lilac. Charcoal grey works well with blue, particularly in a masculine bedroom.


Green, like blue, promotes relaxation and a sense of calm. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that many medical clinics and hospitals paint the walls pale green. Choose from pale mint green, leaf green or emerald green. The more yellow in the green, the warmer it will feel. A sunny room will be beautifully comforting with soft olive walls and yellow accessories, whereas a light and bright room will feel very spacious if you paint the walls white with a hint of green.

If you are lucky enough to live in a period home, look for deep sage green paint or rich forest green for your accent walls. Pair this with gold or rust-colored soft furnishings.


Yellow is warm, sunny, and very comforting. It’s a color that makes us feel instantly relaxed and safe, which is perfect for a bedroom. Avoid deep lemon yellow, as it can be too stimulating, Instead, stick to soft, muted yellows with creamy undertones.

Yellow works well with blue and green, but you can pair it with black for a Parisian-style bedroom. Just go easy on the black, as too much is not conducive to sleep.

Silver-grey is another color that works well in a bedroom. Silver is relaxing, sophisticated, and very feminine. Use silver, sparkly accessories to add a bit of glam to your bedroom.

Buy some paint tester pots to try a few assorted colors out before you start painting. The level of light in the room makes an enormous difference to the final color, so bear this in mind.

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