Why this iPhone Spying App Should Be Your Next Buy

Why this iPhone Spying App Should Be Your Next Buy

We have a complicated relationship with the smartphone. We consider it a necessary evil, as we need it to communicate with different people on various work projects or personal matters. It’s also a great way to interact with strangers online through social media platforms and a lot of other stuff that we really don’t need. We often end up doing many mistakes that we cannot reverse, unfortunately. We have all been there, right? For that reason and many others, monitoring your loved ones is important to protect them from the savage online world. For that purpose, we are discussing the Xnspy app amid the rise of best spying apps for iPhone and how it helps in protecting the privacy of those who are dear to you.

About Xnspy

Xnspy is an iPhone spying app that empowers people to monitor their children and employees. The app simplifies monitoring for iPhone users, allowing them to link the app with the target phone’s iCloud account for monitoring their activities. This can include their calls, iMessages, online information, and social media interactions.

How compatible is it with the world’s best OS?

iOS is considered the most robust and secure operating system. You may all know that Apple follows strict qualifying criteria for the apps. And like others, it updates the OS every now and then to keep improving. It is difficult, if not impossible, for the developers to stay abreast of all those developments, especially in the case of iPhone monitoring apps. The first important thing about Xnspy is that it stands completely compatible with the new iOS 11. While many other apps would offer selective compatibility, Xnspy’s iCloud version is compatible with the new iOS or its previous versions. For those who have a previous version or still use a jailbroken iPhone, there is a separate version of Xnspy available on their website.

Why this iPhone Spying App Should Be Your Next Buy

How Xnspy Works?

To start with, the first step is to subscribe to the app. You can subscribe to the iPhone spying app by visiting their website www.xnspy.com. After subscribing to a version of your choice, you will receive an email containing some instructions, your online account credentials, and an activation code to be used for pairing the target device with the app. Once you pair the device with the target iPhone, it will then scan the target phone and start uploading the relevant information to your Xnspy cloud account within the next 24 to 48 hours. After the first backup, the app then continues running in the background to collect the data and uploads it to your account regularly. You can access your account through your mobile device or a laptop by entering your account details.

How is the Interface?

There are two positive takeaways from the Xnspy interface: the overall user experience and ease-of-use. Key settings and control panels are easy to find and there’s plenty of built-in help. The interface is known as Xnspy Dashboard and hosts too many features displayed in a list, but they are orderly displayed and easy to navigate. Xnspy offers many ways to customize information through its dashboard. The user has substantial control over the information. For example, the user is responsible for determining what information he receives through the notifications. The user can set specific notifications for some features which are available as Watchlists.

What features to look out for?

You will find many features on their website where they have explained each of them in detail, but here we are covering just two of the major ones:

Monitoring social media apps: Xnspy iPhone spying app provides various social media platform app integrations. It silently integrates and collects information from WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Line, Kik and many other popular social media apps. You can read all the incoming chats and messages and even the calls information. And it also allows you to see shared media on the WhatsApp.

Location monitoring: Checking on the location of someone is difficult, especially when you are not with them. Xnspy solves this by collecting the information of all the places visited by the target person which is later uploaded to your account. But what if the person has no internet on the phone? No problem! The app keeps recording the location data in the background and uploads it when the device connects to a Wi-Fi.

Why this iPhone Spying App Should Be Your Next Buy

There is another way to keep an eye on specific locations. If you are busy and do not feel like going through the list of the locations visited by the target person all-day long, then you can simply list those places whom you want to monitor in the ‘Watchlist Locations’ and you will be notified whenever the person enters or leaves that place. That’s more specific.

How much do you have to pay?

Xnspy keeps its pricing simple. There are only two packages available: Basic and Premium. Both these packages are different in terms of features and can be subscribed for monthly, quarterly, and yearly durations. With the Basic package, you’ll get all the standard features like viewing contacts, call history, and incoming/outgoing messages etc. The Basic package costs $8.33 a month per user when billed annually. If you go for Premium, you’ll get all the advanced features that Xnspy iPhone spying app stands for. You will be able to see WhatsApp chats, iMessages, Emails, and online browsing history.  The Premium package costs $12.49 a month per user if billed annually. Considering the price plan and the features, the app seems quite affordable.


After going through all the aspects of the app, it’s fair to say that it lives up to its name and offers to monitor almost every mobile feature on an iPhone. The major downside of Xnspy is that it doesn’t offer any trial version. Instead, it offers a demo version on their website to give a limited first-hand experience of the app. Xnspy may stand head and shoulders above the competition among the best spying apps for iPhone in the monitoring realm of smartphones.


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