The Top Ten Golf Swing Tips For Beginners
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Golfer Phil Mickelson The Top Ten Golf Swing Tips For Beginners


There are ten tips for golfing that you must take to heart, and you could read through any of these tips as you start to take stock of your swing. You must be certain that you have planned out how you will practice your swing, and you could take all these tips to your lessons, the driving range, and the course. Phil Mickelson is one of the best golfers to ever play. Check out his advice and also see if it can help in perfecting your swing.

1. Relax

You need to relax as much as possible, and you must remember that everything from a tense grip to tight shoulders will make it very hard for you to swing well.

2. Posture

You need to have much better posture if you plan to swing well. Look at the best players and you will notice that they all have very good posture. It is very easy for you to make a better swing if you are standing up straight.

3. The Club

You actually have to have the right club when you are making every swing. You might think that you could just have any club in your hand, but you need to swing with the right velocity so that you can get the ball where it needs to go.

4. The Eyes

You have to look to where the ball is supposed to go before you hit it. The people who think that they can hit the ball where they want without looking to where it is supposed to go without looking to where it is supposed to land. You have to remember that you need to survey the area, check out the things that are in your way, and swing with confidence that you know what is going on.

5. The Feet

You have to get your feet set, and that also means that you have to have the best shoes. You will not feel very steady if you are in bad shoes, and you also have to remember that you could easily slip out of your stance in bad shoes. You have to turn your feet just right, and there is a process that both feet go through. If you have bad feet, you will swing poorly.

6. Do Not Try Too Hard

You cannot hit the ball as hard as the best driver on the tour because they have all the physical conditioning done to do this. You could hurt yourself playing golf if you are swinging too hard, and you also have to remember that you could overextend yourself or get more hurt than you already were.

7. Breathe

You have to breathe like you are a professional athlete. You should take in a breath before the backswing, and you must swing through the ball as you are exhaling. This makes it much easier for you to have the best swing and more power because you are breathing through the swing.

8. Do Not Practice Too Much

You should not practice too much. You cannot go to the driving range just because you have a spare moment, and you cannot do this so much that you will start to get hurt or feel soreness that you did not have before.

9. Use Gloves

You have to use gloves because you do not want to chaff your hands on the club. You need to have better grips on the clubs, too. However, you need to gloves because they protect you well.

10. The Tee

You have to set the tee up at the right height. This might sound ridiculous, but you need to have the tee at the correct height so that you are swinging through these things at the right height.

Golfer Phil Mickelson has a lot of great tips on a golf swing because he is an expert on the game. He truly grew his game throughout his life until he started winning majors in his 30s, and he is the perfect example of someone that you could learn from. You must look at each swing tip so that you are playing the game in the right way, and you could apply any of these tips to your swing at any time.

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