Public Enemy Dropped Second Album 30 Years Ago Today
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Public Enemy Dropped Second Album 30 Years Ago Today

Public Enemy Dropped Second Album 30 Years Ago Today

If you were a hip-hop head and old enough to buy tapes, this was a dope day. Public Enemy dropped their classic 2nd album and Big Daddy Kane released his debut album today. It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is regarded as one of the illest joints ever. When various music publications put together lists of the greatest hip hop albums, this one usually appears somewhere near the top. For people that’s not familiar with Public Enemy, they were one of the first groups to address social issues. Almost a year before the album dropped, Public Enemy released Rebel Without a Pause. It’s crazy that Public Enemy dropped their debut album two years prior, but not many caught on. My Throwback Thursday featured track is Don’t Believe the Hype and its typical Public Enemy. Check out the video below for the featured joint.

Many of you probably have no clue about Public Enemy and that’s cool, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. This is a debate I have with the younger generation all the time and that’s their lack of history. My hip hop playlists go from Eric B & Rakim, Kane, Pac, Nas to Kendrick, J. Cole, Big KRIT and Rick Ross. One thing I’ve always done and that’s appreciate the culture, which means show love to the current ones as well as the ones that came before. Listen and stream the It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back here or check out it below. It’s crazy that this album dropped 30 years ago and many artists of today is still trying to get the same message across.

Where are my old-school hip hop fans? Do you remember any of the greats from the original Golden Age of Hip Hop? What about Public Enemy? Leave a comment below about anything related to Public Enemy or artists you’re familiar with from that era.

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