Help Kids Learn New Things During Playtime
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Help Kids Learn New Things During Playtime

Help Kids Learn New Things During Playtime

Children are curious, and they love to learn the ways of the world. They are fond of playing and eager to explore. Many parents make the mistake of introducing their kids to gadgets as now is the smartphone era. It is not a wise thing to do if you want your child to develop naturally.

How is playing important?

Young children love to play and experiment with activities and toys. With time, they start realizing their own identities and how they are different- the first thing they notice is the difference between girls and boys. Some small kids benefit when placed in a nursery or a playgroup with other kids of the same age. With organized activity, kids can learn in a safe place.

How do kids learn?

Kids learn through touching, seeing, watching and tasting. They like to copy the actions of the adults close to them. In this way, they learn behavior and language. For small kids playing involves learning. It is a vital method for them to learn. In fact, play helps to build self-esteem in a child. He or she identifies their abilities and feel good when they can do things on their own. Playing is fun, and this is why they get completely absorbed in the activities they do. Play helps them to concentrate better. Experts at say children should have many toys and playthings to keep them engaged in a meaningful way. Some of them are listed below-

  1. Water and sand play teaches the child science and maths. They learn that water is a liquid and sand is solid. Water fits and takes the shape of any container it is poured into, and you can measure both water and solid in different cups.
  2. Activities like playing with dough, dolls drawing and painting pictures can help the child develop a sense of creativity, expression, and imagination of feelings.
  3. Jigsaws, puzzles and building blocks help a child to organize and develop logic. They identify with different shapes and understand different sizes. They put them together, and this helps them to be confident as well.
  4. Co-ordination skills in a child develop with dancing, climbing, running and ball games. They build body movement, flexibility, and strength.
  5. Games help them to play and share with other participants of the game.
  6. Playing musical instruments that are available in the market as toys and singing help them to develop listening, rhythm and hearing skills.

As a parent, it is crucial for you to play with your child and help them learn. They enjoy adult company when they play. You can show them how toys and things work. They are curious and will copy you. In the process, they experiment and learn new stuff they are happy to do. When you are playing with your child, do not push him or her too hard. Every child is different, and they take their own time to learn. Do not compare them to other kids. Read to them often and watch them grow up learning enjoyable.

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