7 Indoor Activities For Dads To Do With Their Kids
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7 Indoor Activities For Dads To Do With Their Kids

7 Indoor Activities For Dads To Do With Their Kids

How does a father entertain his kids while Mom’s away, you ask? Here are 7 cool indoor activities to keep your little ones busy!

Build your own forts and castles.
The classic pillow forts with blankets and rugs will always cheer a child up— maybe even adults. Relive your childhood and brighten up your kids’ by building regal and royal forts made of the most whimsical things. Your princes and princesses will end up tired from their royal adventures after this one for sure!

Bake kid-friendly treats.
Mom isn’t the only one who can cook up yummy baked goods in this house! Find a recipe that entices you and your kids, and one that you’re sure you can do— nothing too hard or complicated. Even if the cupcakes come out wrong or the cookies end up burnt, it’s a fun learning experience, as long as you don’t blow up the kitchen. Who knows, one of your kids might secretly have a talent for baking!

Play pretend.
You must have dreamed of being an astronaut, or a king, or a mad scientist when you were younger. Let your kids dream, too! Play pretend and be absolutely anything you want. Think up some scenarios that would excite the kids, and maybe they’ll actually be inspired to make pretend become reality.

Do fun science projects.
There are loads of fun science projects out there, and with the internet, it’s just a Google search away. Younger kids might not understand the science behind the cool experiments, but the way their eyes will light up in wonder will make it all worth it. Try doing the exploding volcanoes and other classic experiments even before they do it in school, so it’ll become a fun family affair.

Have a tea party.
Tea parties are for both boys and girls! Serve the baked goodies you whipped up and don’t forget to dress fancy, too! kitandkate.com.au is an example of a shop that provides quite the variety of comfy shoes for kids— great for fancy tea parties, good for playtime, and for looking photo-ready. Specially designed for children, the shoes offered are comfortable and stylish.

Play board games.
This might seem boring, but don’t turn away just yet. Kids these days might not even know about Monopoly, Scrabble, or Snakes & Ladders! Keep them alive by teaching them to the next generation. The children will have fun while involving themselves in friendly competition. To add to that, their brains will be at work strategizing how they’ll win the game. Add a prize at the end and watch them fight their way through everything!

Solve jigsaw puzzles.
Good ol’ jigsaw puzzles are great for all ages— find one that suits your children. This can keep you and your kids busy for hours on end, but the moment you put the last puzzle piece in will be worth it. You can hang the puzzle up in a frame, or ask your kid to tear it down with you and make a mess!

Play day with dad doesn’t only mean outdoor fun, you can still have the time of your lives inside your home as well!

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  • Dana

    Tagging my husband. I will have to leave them (my two kids and their dad) over the weekend for a seminar and this is perfect for them. What I am worried about is the mess I’ll be cleaning up once I get home.

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