Kanye West Heard Em Say for Throwback Thursday
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Kanye West Heard Em Say for Throwback Thursday

Kanye West Heard Em Say for Throwback Thursday

Another week and another Throwback Thursday track on deck. Yesterday I finally broke down and listened to the Ye album by Kanye West. When people told me that it was different, they weren’t lying. Honestly, a couple songs caught my attention which was Yikes and No Mistakes. Overall, this wasn’t for me, but then again, I wouldn’t call myself a Kanye fan. The people that’s huge fan of his have called him a genius and haters have called him a nut. To me, Kanye isn’t a genius and he’s far from a nut, but I admire his ability of speaking his mind. Trust me though, I’ll never agree with his comments about slavery nor his co-signing of Donald Trump. Going back to the old Kanye, you know the one we all miss. His first 3 albums are exceptional, and he did show flashes of being the genius they talk about.

The College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation are phenomenal albums. The featured track is from his Late Registration and it’s Heard Em Say. The track is very melodic, and it features Adam Levine of Maroon 5. This is an incredibly dope track off my favorite album from Kanye. Check out the video above and tell me what you think about it. Heard Em Say is one of the many hits on the Late Registration album, which is Kanye’s best overall album.

What do you think about my Throwback Thursday track? What’s your opinion when it comes to the Late Registration album? Do you think it’s the best album Kanye has put out? What is your opinion on Kanye West? What’s your favorite album from Kanye? Leave a comment below about the featured track, Late Registration album, any of his albums or just anything related to Kanye below for me. Have a great day!

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