Updating Your Wardrobe: Big Brand Names to Keep an Eye Out For

Updating Your Wardrobe: 3 Big Brand Names to Keep an Eye Out For

Updating Your Wardrobe: Big Brand Names to Keep an Eye Out For

While you may be comfortable with your current wardrobe, every now and then you should carry out an overhaul and give the entire thing an update. This will prevent you from falling behind the times and will also ensure that all of your clothes look fresh, clean, and in pristine condition. Now, it can be relatively difficult knowing where to start on this journey. Especially if you haven’t been clothes shopping in a while. So, to help you out, here are a few big-name brands that you should try out!


When jeans form the staple of most of our wardrobes, it’s important that you find a brand that suits you down to a tee. Now, there are various names on the market, but one of the longest lasting and most aesthetically pleasing tends to be Wrangler. This brand offers an incomparable array of cuts, fits, washes, and finishes. We’d recommend starting out with a pair in rinse wash or mid wash denim. These will have a deep blue to mid-blue coloring. As they are the most commonly worn wash, they’re easiest to match to outfits and should be at home in anyone’s wardrobe. You can then slowly invest in more pairs, including black or grey washes.

John Henric

If simplicity and ease are high on your agenda when it comes to clothes shopping, you’re going to want to engage with a brand that can offer you a complete outfit in just one place. This is where Clothes from John Henric USA can come into play. John Henric offers a unique array of both clothes and accessories. So, whether you need swim shorts, knitwear, socks, belts, bags, or cufflinks, you’ll be able to source everything in one place.


With an official name that’s as much as a mouthful as “Chuck Taylor Converse All Star,” it’s not surprising that this classic shoe is casually referred to as “Converse” instead. Now, this shoe was originally designed for basketball, but over the years so many different subcultures have adopted it that it has taken on a whole host of different connotations. The shoe is extremely versatile when it comes to style. They are timeless, which means that they’re not going to drop out of style any time soon and you needn’t worry about falling behind the times with them. Once you’ve bought a pair, they’re probably going to stick around until you’ve literally worn them out. They’re most commonly available in low top and high top designs, but there are even more styles and cuts out there. What’s more? The range of colors is immense, and the brand often collaborates with third-party designers, meaning that there are shoes with a full range of cartoon characters and other cultural references printed on them. There will doubtlessly be a design to suit you!


While there are plenty of other brands on the market, these three big names will meet all of your expectations and kit you out with an eye-catching new wardrobe. So, browse what they have on offer and try them out!

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