5 Resources for Continued Education

5 Resources for Continued Education

5 Resources for Continued Education

Education isn’t confined to a campus or tuition. No matter what your passion may be, technology is making it easier to access learning materials. Learn, excel and grow with online tools for free from some of the best universities in the world. To get the most from your online experience, make sure your home internet service can support video streaming capabilities so you can truly bring the classroom into your home. With Panoramic Wi-Fi technology, you can download your training materials, stream podcasts, and chat with classmates in seconds. From lectures and podcasts to discussions and assignments, extraordinary academic achievement is just a click away. Here are the best resources for continuing your education from home.

Harvard University Online

As one of the best business schools in the world, Harvard University does more than teach its students, they educate the public, too. Through Harvard University Online, anyone can access exclusive class content like podcasts, lectures, and interactive courses. While there are both free and paid courses, even free courses may require payment depending on completion credits or certificates you wish to receive. Through their world-class business program, you can learn from some of the best educators in their respective field without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. From finance and economics to strategy and analytics, there are courses for both beginners and experts alike.


While you won’t be provided with a lab coat or goggles, you will be supplied with first-class scientific education thanks to edX. Founded by MIT and Harvard, edX combines learning tools from over 130 of the best universities around the globe. This platform serves to provide high-quality education for everyone worldwide, meaning that all courses are free. While edX offers over 30 subjects, Science remains one of their most popular subjects. From genotyping to astrophysics, even Science itself includes a range of subtopics from which beginners and experts can learn. As you work through the interactive course, you’ll experiment in labs and test your knowledge with routine assessments. Since edX is a global platform, you’ll even be able to connect with diverse classmates through discussion threads. Best of all, you’ll receive a Verified Certificate for each class you complete so you can showcase your achievement on your resume, or to family and friends.


From gaming to fashion, design incorporates a wide variety of topics, and so does Udemy. As one of the leading online design schools, Udemy incorporates over 10 different types of design courses. Students can customize their learning experiences based on teacher, subject, and duration preferences to create a personalized learning experience. What makes Udemy so unique is that it’s comprised of independent teaching contractors. This means that the professors you see online come from a range of backgrounds from architect professors to Apple UX designers. Udemy includes over 65,000 courses so there are endless options to fit your budget. The average class ranges from $60 to $100 and includes all the materials and tools you need to progress. With over 20 million students worldwide, Udemy has proven to be a successful tool for designers alike – and may be for you, too.

Integrative Nutrition School

Whether you studied music or business, you can still become a health coach thanks to the Integrative Nutrition School, which helps turn your passion for health into a full-time career. In as little as 10 months, you can learn all there is to know about nutrition, coaching skills, and business development training through online videos and assignments. Course content can be accessed from your computer, smartphone, or tablet and your coursework syncs across all devices so that you always have access. The Integrative Nutrition School allows you to learn from physicians, researches, doctors, and nutritionists alike including celebrity stars Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil. The digital classroom experience will allow you to partake in live lectures, class discussions, and written assignments on-the-go. By providing you with business tools like handouts, business cards, and email templates, you can begin your career when you’re just half-way through the program. Make money and continue your education all at the same time.

Open Yale Courses

For those interested in government and international relations, Yale University provides a unique opportunity to learn political science theories and philosophies from home through their online portal, Open Yale Courses. Each class includes the lectures, syllabi, suggested reading, and exercises needed for course completion. Additionally, you’ll receive access to video, audio, or text materials based on your learning preference. While credits are not available for completion, the free programs offer unparalleled material from some of the best political scientists in the field. Now that’s a fair trade-off.


Graduation doesn’t indicate the end of your learning experiences. Whether you want to pursue a new career path or expand your knowledge, there are education channels online to help you progress. From business and political science to design and health, options are virtually endless. The world (or the internet) is your oyster – what will you achieve?

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