2 Great Methods of betting on snooker
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2 Great Methods of Betting on Snooker

2 Great Methods of betting on snooker

While snooker might not be the first sport that comes to mind when you think of betting, there’s plenty of excitement surrounding it, and a lot of punters who constantly place bets on the world’s biggest snooker competitions. It’s assumed that most snooker fans don’t bet on the sport but there are a lot of ways to bet on it, so it’s worth considering if you’re hoping to liven up a dull frame.

It’s one of the country’s most celebrated sports but betting on it might not be something a lot of fans would even consider. Snooker betting markets aren’t as extensive as with more popular sports like football but the markets you are able to bet on pretty much cover all bases, with any outcome you could potentially predict being available for backing through most bookmaker apps and websites.

Working out the right time to be riskier with the snooker bets you’re making can be difficult to identify. If you want more information surrounding betting on the sport, it’s best to follow TeamFA, who provide their own snooker betting tips through insightful previews, as well as general hints over how to make your own snooker bets.

Traditional snooker betting markets

Almost every betting sport will hold the ‘Match Result’ option as being the most basic market to bet on. This is also applicable in snooker, with a draw option also being available for backing if it’s a league match, as tournaments don’t allow for people backing a draw and will only end when either player has won.

The next snooker market is ‘Total Frames’ which more experienced punters will bet on to enhance their odds in the same way that football bettors back over a specific number of goals in football matches. These aren’t only available to bet on as over a specific number, with additional options to back under a specific number or exactly a specific number of frames throughout the game you’re betting on.

Bookmaker markets for the experienced bettor

Usually labelled as ‘Statistics Markets’, there are a lot of extremely specific outcomes that you can bet on in snooker, which is something the more experienced punter will get involved in. This includes backing either side to seal the highest break, and even more complicated aspects that you can predict throughout individual frames like the winner of each frame and how many points each player will get during each stage of the game.

You can practically add any outcome to your own snooker betting tips. While the options seem slim on the off-set, there’s a lot of variation with the sorts of bets you can have on snooker, which is why it’s continuing to grow as one of the preferable multisport events to place a bet on.

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