Dads Out There, Give Your Family the Perfect Holiday
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Dads Out There, Give Your Family the Perfect Holiday

Dads Out There, Give Your Family the Perfect Holiday

A family vacation has become a popular trend these days. When done the right way, it can also be the most fulfilling experience for everyone. Gone are the days when traveling with family meant stressful holidays. It is not the case anymore! Father out there, you do not have to let the female folk take over the planning. Here are some tips that can make you the ultimate Super daddy who makes last minute vacation planning seems like a cake walk. If you promised your kids that you will give them a beach holiday or assured your wife that she can soak up the sun while you engage the kids, then it is time to start planning things and live up to those expectations. In this article, we will discuss some exciting ways to make your family holiday not only fun but also unforgettable.

Involve Everyone

As the man of the house, you should delegate equal responsibilities and involve everyone in planning this vacation. If you have a motley crew of boys and girls, then everybody’s wishes must be taken into consideration. Talk about your upcoming travel and ask everyone what they want. Ask the kids what they would enjoy and what they would like to see. While kids love the anticipation of a fun trip, teenagers feel important and valuable when they are involved in the decision-making process. When your kids invest their time and energy in trip planning, there is a good chance that they will make a genuine effort to enjoy it too. The last thing you want is your adolescent kid to mope around as you plan everything with an iron fist!

Add Some Extra Time to the Itinerary

As a father, you should know that everything takes a tad longer when you are accompanied by little kids on the trip. Experts recommend that daddies should take this additional time into account when they are planning the itinerary. Some downtime can make the holiday less stressful and easier paced. Think of those days when you waste hours standing in line or suffer through slow service in a crowded restaurant. You can save a lot of time by checking in online and avoid the time-consuming queues. Since most airlines offer quick baggage these days, you can reduce your waiting time at a check-in line significantly by doing most of this stuff online.

Choose a Fun Place to Stay

You may not even consider this but the location of your resort or hotel can also be a contributing factor in getting your kids upbeat. A beachside resort in the Caribbean is any day better than waking up to a concrete jungle outside and honking from the streets below. Staying in a location surrounded by nature is a welcome break for everyone, including the kids. It will inspire them to get outside and play in the sun. At the same time, the exotic location of the resort can play a huge role in invigorating your tired body and mind, a win-win for everyone!

Look for Kid-friendly Places

This one goes without saying when you are traveling with kids. However, some resorts will have a special section for the little ones that organizes games and offers a safe play area for all the kids at the resort. No need to worry about dangerous currents or leave your kids at the mercy of a reluctant lifeguard. While you would all love to spend some time together, it can also be a good opportunity for the kids to mingle with other kids on the holiday. Apart from that, when you are finalizing a destination, look for places that have at least one aspect that is of great interest to your child. It could be anything from aquariums, amusement parks, zoos, to wildlife safari etc.

Be Spontaneous

There is nothing more exciting than spontaneity on a holiday. Don’t be scared to stray away from the itinerary. Keep an eye out for last minute vacation deals and surprise your kids with a beach holiday! Most memorable moments occur when unexpected things happen during the family trip.


Family vacations can be a huge responsibility for the planner because it is their responsibility for making this a success. However, by bringing everyone in on the planning part, you can share the load with your family members and get them excited about the upcoming holiday. Moreover, talking about it helps to get ideas rolling about fun things that you can all do together. So, don’t be the typical father who calls the shots. Fun can start long before the vacation!

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