Money Saving Tips for Dads to Plan Perfect Vacation for Kids
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Money Saving Tips for Dads to Plan Perfect Vacation for Kids

Money Saving Tips for Dads to Plan Perfect Vacation for Kids

Did you promise your little girl that you will give her the best summer vacation but now you are worried about the budget? Don’t worry dad, because you can still be her hero by planning a trip that your kids will remember forever, that too without blowing your budget! In this article, we will discuss some important tips for the daddies to help them plan a fun vacation that suits their pockets.

Involve the Kids

Kids always love to help their dads, especially their daughters. So, why not create a buzz around their upcoming vacation and excite them about the prospect of earning money for souvenirs and ice-creams on the trip? Give them a few extra chores, depending upon their age, of course. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex. Help with simple chores around the house will get you an extra set of hands and also put you under less pressure to spend more.

Travel in Lean Period

If you are a dad with a flexible work schedule, then you can use the off-season to your advantage. Traveling in the off-season will save you tons of money as everything is cheaper and more easily available. You can also try the shoulder season, between off and peak travel periods to enjoy discounts. Plan around spring or fall to get the best travel deals on your beach family vacation.

Keep an Eye Out for Offers

Planning ahead is the best way to save money on your family trips. Set email alerts and notifications for flights to your destination. When you get notified about the price drop, book your flights immediately. You can do the same for theme parks in your destination, resorts, tours etc. Make prior bookings to avail early bird discounts and seal the deal in advance so that you don’t have to worry about these things during your travel. It will also give you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family.

Save on the Food

Don’t always aim for eating out. If you have booked a vacation home or a condo for your family of four, then you can have at least one or two meals at home. You can also be the one to cook for your family! You can stock up on some groceries and make an evening out of it. You can prepare a barbeque or watch a fun movie as you cook for everyone. You can also buy pre-cooked meals that can be prepared within minutes. This little trick will save you lots of money on food alone. Moreover, you can also carry a snack in your backpack when you go out on a day trip. Give your little one a snack bar when they are feeling hungry or hand them a fruit to kill those hunger pangs.

Avoid Shopping

Shopping expenses can quickly add up and blow up your vacation budget to pieces. You can avoid that by taking shopping out of your itinerary. You can, however, take your kids to buy souvenirs from the money they earned helping you around the house. This will be a reward for them and a perfect way to inculcate a sense of responsibility in your little ones. It will also mean that you will do less wasteful spending on things that your kids won’t even use when they get back home! However, you cannot always put a price tag on happiness. So allow them to splurge on their tiny souvenirs and make shopping an exciting day for them.

Do Your Research

Always research the destination you are planning to travel. If you are going for a beach vacation, then be sure to check what all there is to see and do. Check out the websites of respective service providers and see if they have any ongoing offers that you can avail. Some activities can be purchased for much less online. Moreover, buying online means that you can gain direct access to the venue without waiting in long queues. Look for family specials that offer more for less.


These are some basic tips that will help you reduce the trip cost significantly without affecting the quality of your vacation. You can still give your kids the perfect holiday without putting yourself under any kind of financial pressure. Being innovative with your planning can be a fantastic way to have fun even with less. Next time you are planning to take your kids out for a vacation, be sure to use these tips.

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