3 Tips When Travelling with Children in the Car
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4 Tips When Traveling with Children in the Car

3 Tips When Travelling with Children in the Car

When you are travelling with youngsters in the car, the journey can be quite eventful if they are not kept occupied and comfortable.  Children can be hard to please therefore the slightest bit of discomfort can make them very vocal or disruptive and it can make it very difficult for the driver to concentrate.  There are many ways to keep your children occupied however here are a few tips.


Children in a car without entertainment can be very disruptive and there are simple ways to overcome this.  If they have an iPad or portable games console, then this could be an ideal solution.  Nowadays children have all sorts of different technology that can keep them occupied and away from annoying their parents.  Before embarking on the journey ensure that they have the latest games or videos downloaded on the iPad that will keep them engrossed.  If you don’t have any of these items, then you could go down the old-fashioned route and have a sing song in the car or play a game of eye spy.

Correct Temperature

If the car is too warm or too cold, then you are almost certain to have disgruntled children.  Most modern cars will allow you to control the air conditioning in both the front and the back of the car ensuring there is a good flow of air or heat to suit everyone in the different areas.  In the summer weather, it can be particularly frustrating for children and even more important to get this right.  Even before they enter the car, there are things you can do to proactively ensure the car is cool.  This includes using items such as a car sun shade.  This accessory can be purchased for a very cheap price and is easy to install.  When leaving the car for any period, you can then place this up quite quickly covering the windows ensuring that the direct sunlight is then not getting into the car and keeping it as cool as possible.

Radio / Music

Adults sometimes like to listen to conversations, debates or the news on the car radio – generally children do not.  Listening to the latest world crisis on the news wont normally get the children happy in the car and they would normally prefer some music or children stories.  If your car has a CD player, then there is many different CDs you can purchase with children’s music.  Even better, if your car has the option to download or connect to your mobile device, you can have many other options easily.

Child Seat

In a lot of areas there is a legal obligation for you to have a child seat (depending on the age / size of your child).  These are sometimes not particularly comfortable therefore before setting off on your journey be sure to check up on your child to make sure they are not feeling awkward and are comfy.

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