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Stay on Budget with Cheap Engineered Wood Floors

My wife has officially given me notice that it’s finally time to start our home remodeling process. She has had these plans since we moved in five years ago, but I’ve been able to put them off till now….  However, the time has come and I’m out of excuses! I admit I did try the usual “you do know it’s football season” excuse but she wasn’t having it!

So guys, she has demanded that we start our projects next weekend! Oh, and she wants the main areas completed by Thanksgiving! Thankfully due to Pinterest she isn’t lacking any ideas and has all these big DIY ideas that she wants to try. Which means she will have me doing all the work while she stands and gives orders! That also means if something goes wrong or she don’t like the finished project it’s going to be ALL MY FAULT!

However, I’m trying to keep this process as simple and on budget as I possibly can! So that’s why I was thrilled when I got her to agree on using engineered wood floors for the basement over solid hardwood floors. We currently have laminate in the basement area which still looks good, but its showing signs of wear and tear.  Plus, she has always had her heart set on doing the whole house with solid wood floors.

We have compared prices on all options and doing the whole house in solid hardwood would kill her budget. She would have to either cut cost in other areas or wait a little longer to complete the project.  I was able to find cheap engineered wood floors for a fraction of the cost in a style that matches the look we wanted. The best part was we was able to see a full range of styles and even received free samples to make sure it was the look we really wanted.

If you’re looking at updating your floors but want to stay on budget be sure to check out engineered wood options. Engineered wood is a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring and is a better option over laminate flooring. Engineered wood is composed of several layers of plywood that are glued together to form a stable and sturdy floor. The top layer actually features solid hardwood.

Now that the floor & paint options are out of the way, I’m ready to get this process started so I can get my part completed in time to enjoy football season!

So guys does your wife have you working on any big projects? Let me know in the comments below…

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