4 Things I Miss About Having Little Babies Around
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4 Things I Miss About Having Little Babies Around

4 Things I Miss About Having Little Babies Around

My oldest two kids have graduated from high school and my youngest is in her last year of middle school. Lately, I’ve been telling anyone who have little babies to please cherish them. Like seriously, I’m that dude that’s always giving parental advice to the young dads I work with. While doing some cleaning in my office, I ran across a couple of boxes that had several pictures. They were pictures dating back to when they were babies and wasn’t even walking yet. Honestly, moments like that gets you a little emotional and have me reminiscing about the good ol’ days. All of my nieces and nephews are older, but there’s always little kids to play with at my daughter’s games. Check out these 4 things I miss about having little babies around.

The Bonding

When it came to my son, we always watched sports together even at an early age. When he was three weeks old, we watched most of the Super Bowl while laying down together. My oldest daughter couldn’t stand me for the first three months. After that, she’d cry whenever I wasn’t around to the point we wrapped her up in my shirts to calm her down. Our bonding consisted of playing all the time as she loved when I tickled her and played with her feet. Till this day, she’s just like me as we like to be silly all the time. My youngest daughter was always my princess and our bond were air tight. Knowing she was our last baby, we done everything together. We had team parties, went shopping and she even had me painting her toenails.

The Clean Baby Smell

No matter how old I’m getting, that clean baby smell is one of the best ever. After giving our kids their baths, there’s no better smell than baby oil or baby lotion. Whenever someone have a new addition to their family, my gift to them is usually an endless supply of oil and lotion.

Dressing Them Up

We all know that when kids get older, their fashion sense is not for us older folks. As kids, you can dress them the way you like to, and they can’t complain. Baby Gap, Osh Kosh, Carter’s and many other brands always were the best. They just don’t look great, but they lasted a long time.

Just Having Them Around

Those were some of the best times of my life when they were babies. When my older two were little kids, we went out every weekend to do something to stay active. Most of the times, we would head to Dairy Queen to get ice cream and then went to the park to play. Even though their high school graduates, they still bring up those times we spent together. Since I’ve always worked night shift, my youngest daughter always stayed with me until she went to Pre-K. If we weren’t walking around the mall or grocery shopping, we made pallets on the floor and watched Dora the Explorer. In addition to that, we put toys on the floor played with them until we fell asleep. I’ll be honest, when she started Pre-K I cried like a baby.


For all my parents who kids have gotten older, what’s something you miss about them being babies? Leave a comment below and give me some feedback.

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